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Demonstrators rally in support of beating victim

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This is such a sad and extremely tragic event. Andrew absolutely was a wonderful person, but the facts are he made a bad decision. The facts show he was the antagonist, leading to the circumstances leading to his death. It is difficult to accept but the sad reality is he is responsible for a horrible and fatal decision. I think if this were my loved one I might feel the same way too, but they need to accept the truth, difficult as that might be, and move on. DA's do not pick and choose, they make decisions based on the facts, and as hard as that may be for his family, they need to look objectively at that also. I am so sorry for his loss.


@RainD..He mad a bad decision to drink? Just because he "had words" with someone or moved in the direction of his friend who was being hit does not mean he deserved to lose his life or that the man who delivered the fatal blow does not deserved to be charged...If you read all the "facts" looked at the bias in this case you would realize that...I don't think you really know what the whole "truth is"....


Frankly, I don't believe there will ever be justice for Andrew, except maybe in that Paholio will spend the rest of his life knowing he is responsible for killing someone. He won't be wearing any badge of honor.

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