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Demonstrators greet Romney in brief Oregon stop

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To maximize the harvest, you have to trim the vines. Mitt Romney!


It's going to be a long four years for these protestors. Check the polls. The Romney train is rapidly picking up steam and on it's way to the White House.


Sad you would believe news from AP.

I don't need to say his name, Cause i'm sure you know...but this "Masked rogue" has come to "STEAL" Delegates lol..
Dr Paul has large majority of delegates going to the RNC in tampa. More then the Mainstream can count to.

lots of lies, distortion , no fair coverage for this man...who is fighting along with many of us for your freedom, and liberties! Can't just expect to be handed to you because you picked the "popular vote"


"....question everything...." --Woody Harrelson

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