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Dayton's 'Putt' Puttman dies at 80

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I am so so sorry to read about this. I live in Dayton and this man's smiling face and jovial personality will be truely missed. He always had a kind word and smile for everyone that came in his store. My heartfelt condolences go out to his whole family. I know what is like to lose a Dad.


Howard "Putt" Putman is my uncle and we are going to miss him dearly.
From his joking around with the kids to his "Hat with Hair" moments at family
get togethers...he could always make us laugh.
Uncle always had time to do something for someone in need around town,he did
more than what would be the "norm" as a citizen of Dayton. I have such fond memories of this special Uncle, he holds a dear spot in my heart.
Our family is as rich as it is because of of the men in it like Uncle "Putt".
As it goes though, as so much else in life,time gets away from us and before we
know it our loved ones are going on ahead of us..and we have to wait to see them again.
Gary and I will rejoice in the day when we get to see him again.
Auntie Jeannie,Bret,Christie,and the whole gang..your in our daily prayers,and this is such a wonderful story about Uncle.
Kathy and Gary


He will be missed dearly, I will really miss his sense of humor. His family will be in my prayers.


"Putt" was a kind and generous man to all he met. He will be missed but not forgotten.

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