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DA will not file charges in fatal fight-related case

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David Sanchez, a longtime friend of Andrew Agcaoili, sits at the US Bank Plaza on Sunday morning with several  Justice for Andrew  signs.

Berry announced his decision in a four-page memo to Detective Michelle Formway of the McMinnville police, the lead investigator in the case.

Agcaoili died June 4 at Oregon Health and Science University of a brain injury sustained as a result of the incident, according to Berry.

In his report, Berry referred to a “suspect” group that he said consisted of Leonard “Lonnie” Cain, Brandon Hubbell, Beau Herber and Brandon “Bam” Paholio. He referred to a “victim” group, saying it was comprised off Agcaoili, Eric Christensen, Daniel Garcia and Adrian Ulloa.

Berry said the case was thoroughly investigated, and that he personally reviewed all of the evidence, police reports and various surveillance videos, including a frame-by-frame examination of the video evidence. He asked several of his deputy district attorneys to review the case facts along with the still frame video.

“This is an extremely difficult case with absolutely tragic consequences,” Berry said. “The job of this office is to hold people accountable for such conduct, but we must do so within the confines of the law.”

Berry added, “There is no question that the punch delivered by Brandon “Bam” Paholio caused this death, but as we are unable to disprove the evident defenses, we are not in a position to prosecute.”

He gave this account:

Prior to the early morning incident, the “victim” group had been drinking throughout the day, beginning at a barbecue, then went to the China House on Southwest Baker Street before taking a cab to the Blue Moon Tavern on Northeast Third Street.

After drinking there, they walked a short distance to the Cabana Club, arriving there sometime after midnight.

The two groups began interacting about 2:15 a.m., and a series of events led up to activities starting at 2:32 a.m., which is when Agcaoili and Ulloa are seen in video supplied by the US Bank.

Ulloa turned his hat around.

According to witness statements, he was verbally engaged with Cain, and according to the video, he can be seen facing in Cain’s direction.

Agcaoili turned and began to raise his arms in what looked to be an offensive posture — that is not clear — or at least a defensive stance as if something was about to happen.

Seconds later, he was punched one time by Paholio and dropped to the cement in the area of the US Bank Plaza. Paholio’s momentum carried him over Agcaoili and to the ground. He is seen catching himself with his hands, and he immediately stands and moves toward where Ulloa and Cain are fighting (off video).

Christensen is seen in the video attending to Agcaoili, who is lying unconscious on the ground. Then Cain comes into the scene, and consistent with witness statements, confronts Christensen and shoves him.

The “suspect group” then moves to the north, and a vehicle is seen leaving the area. Ulloa, standing in the street, attempts to kick the vehicle.

Witness statements were obtained from all of the involved parties, according to Berry.

Statements from Ulloa, Christensen and Garcia are, at best, inconsistent with the video evidence.

Ulloa, based on the totality of the witness statements, clearly minimized his involvement in the verbal altercation and any continued escalation of the conflict, and any attempt to get Cain to fight. Cain declined to be interviewed.

Paholio was interviewed. His statement is fairly consistent with the video evidence and other witness statements, but inconsistent with some other information obtained.

He states, as did Herber, that as Agcaoili turned toward him, Paholio said something to the effect of, “You don’t want to do this,” or, “Stay out of it.” Paholio indicates that Agcaoili swung at him, but that is not corroborated by the video.

Paholio stated that he believed Agcaoili was going to join Ulloa in fighting Cain. From the video, both Agcaoili and Ulloa are side-by-side as they turn toward the south, facing Paholio and Cain. Ulloa did not appear to notice Agcaoili being struck as he and Ulloa moved in to fight with Cain.

Paholio said Agcaoili moved toward him aggressively when he was warned to keep out of the fight. The video is unclear in that regard beyond the fact that Agcaoili clearly turned toward Paholio and raised his arms consistent with a fighting position.

“He did not retreat or move in a direction away from the altercation,” Berry said. “In fact, he entered the area of the other two men, crossed paths with them much like a fighter circling and turned toward them.”

Berry said he felt compelled to address some social media issues related to the case, which he said created many rumors and significant misinformation.

* Agcaoili was not jumped by a group of men, allegedly as many as four to six.

* He was not beaten while he was on the ground, and was clearly struck a single time by one individual. There was very little external injury sustained by Agcaoili (a black eye).

* There was no argument inside the Cabana Club between Cain and Agcaoili during the evening.

“This is a tragic case, but the end decision must be based on the facts and the law,” Berry said. “Hopefully, as more factual information becomes available, the community will have a better understanding of what actually occurred.”



I find this a horrible injustice! No charges? Nobody believes that he wanted to kill Andrew but not even assault? Really?


Whether he meant to or not he left a person to die. Thats a crime!


Maybe they'll discover a second video.


Very sad day in McMinnville history. I fear we will become a town of death by blows to the head because people now know it is not considered a crime here.

I thought we wanted to go on the map as a cultural wine center. This will have a terrible effect on this. Sends a very bad message. Now we will be where people settle disputes with their fists.

Very sad day in our history.


Brad Berry, Tough on Crime!!!! At least send it to the Grand Jury and see if they will indict, I guess he wants to have the final decision!!!! Well next election we'll see what happens!!!


After the glacial pace of this investigation, somehow I expected more. It appears there are multiple tiers of justice in this county depending on who the victims are. Exactly where does the buck stop?


Has anybody here read the memo from the DA?

Just asking..........because from the comments, it doesn't sound like it.


As someone who actually has read the DA's memo, I think Seabiscuit makes a good point. The DA's options are pretty limited here, unfortunate as that may seem.
If he can find a charge he can reasonably hope to make stick, I think he will bring it. But if so, it's not going to be at the level, clearly, that many might hope.
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor


This is, at its heart, a most simple situation: the violent act of one man killed another man. If the law is incapable of meting out some consequence to such a man, then the law must be changed.


It does seem incomprehensible that there is not enough evidence in this case to file charges. One thing that comes to light after reading the articles, and that is, I don't believe the consequences would have been 'death' if Andrew had not been so inebriated.

The young man that hit Andrew, was not even involved with the beef between his brother and Andrew's followers. And if anyone has followed closely, Bam's brother has refused to comment.

If I read correctly, when Bam was messaged to come and help Lonnie, Bam's answer was "tell him to come home.'

This video has got to be confusing - a lot of the actions were not clear -

You have circumstances where these guys were out drinking, drunk, and looking for trouble. Did anyone deserve to die? NO -

Come on Lonnie Cain - stick up for your brother. You called for his help in a situation and you should have listened to him, and just gone home.

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