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DA requests service dog to ease victims' trauma

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This is such a great idea. Thanks to the commissioners for approving it.


dogs rule in my book! I get more comfort from my 3 than any human. what a great idea. I hope it goes thru with a 4paws rating. i hope tp hear more soon about where to send donations. thanks DA Berry.


I love the idea. I wish they could use a rescue dog though.

troy prouty

I think McMinnville should be the first city to use Peace Circles in the system.

Peace circles do this:

Instead of restricted patricipation primarily reliant on experts it gives an inclusive primarily reliant on community particpation.

Instead of broken state laws being the focus, it's about broken relationships

The focus isn't like the courts ( past conduct, individual responsability, state legal requirements) but rather (Past, present and future conduct) (Individual and collective responsbility) and the needs of all parties.

The results differ as well in court you will find Banishment, punishment and coercion, in circles you will find reintegration, healing/support and trust/understanding.

Courts have fixed rules where circles have flexible guidelines.

In the end for a court system there is a winner and a loser in circles it is finding common ground to maximize all interest.

Why I can sympathize the need for the dog and victim trauma, I can't help to be annoyed that hardly anyone is touching a system that is destined to fail; like ours is starting to do. WE did see Some change with addition of Mental health courts and drug courts (Which I don't feel is being used correctly) I might add, at least in this County. We appear to have a Very long road ahead for a lot of things, failed justice, healthcare, education and of course economy probably all on the horizon once again. We need to focus on fixing those problems so they last and work to the best of everyone, not a select few here and there.

Troy Prouty*


I think it's a great idea, however, I do wonder if a nice, quiet, peaceful dog sitting next to the victim creates more sympathy for the victim, and while in most cases that is great, sometimes "victims" lie

troy prouty

Good point Zen.

Very Wise Minded ! OR even Dialetic.. Ying/Yang'ish..


Michael Tubbs Sr

Good idea as long as a defendent is offered the same comfort by the service dog, cat, monkey..or..whatever any other approach the DA wishes to employ.

Keep the trial fair for everyone, not all accused people are guilty and in fact can feel just as traumatized as the victim.

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