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Cyclist dies after being hit on Highway 18

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Hwy 18 is not a very good place for a cycle event. I was headed toward mcminnville yesterday and noticed how there were people on bikes stopped practically in the road. They need to rethink these things. I know the law is on their side but there are roads that bicyclests have no business on. There needs to be mutual respect both bicycles and cars. Too many times bikes are riding outside of the bike lane. There also needs to be more bike safety training. Mcminnville i see bicycles on sidewalks and in cross walks. My prayers and thoughts to the injured person and his family. I hope he rides again soon. :)


This is a horrible area for a bike riding event. It seems that every year an accident occurs due to this event. Hwy 18 is dangerous enough without having to share the road. Many thoughts and prayers to the family. I hope they rethink this "Reach the Beach" event.


There is nothing wrong with traveling on hwy 18....the shoulder is as wide as
the lanes !! This moron driver went onto the shoulder INTO THE CYCLISTS !!
We always travel 5 miles on hwy 18 to get to the coast turn off and then come
back the same way for 5 miles and turn onto the country roads. DRIVERS NEED


slvo700 - Yes, drivers need to pay attention - As do cyclists and pedestrians. Not only on Hwy 18, but 'everywhere.' No one should ever assume that just because they're on the side of the road, in a crosswalk, or even a vehicle that they are safe.

I myself experienced stopping at a stop sign - looking both ways, and then just as I was pulling out, a cyclist crossed right in front of me. He never even stopped or payed any attention to me. It was dark, and he had nothing reflective on either his person or his bike. It scared me to death!!!!! Had I hit him I would have been mortified - So, in the wake of the tragic event that happened over the weekend, let this be a reminder that everyone needs to be aware and respectful to each other.

My heart goes out to the cyclist and his family, and also to the young man who hit him. I feel pain for all involved.


slvo700 the shoulder is as wide as the lanes in most places.. where this accident happened was right before the 2 lane bridge where HWY 18 merges into 2 lanes from 4. It is ALWAYS a bottle neck on the weekends and then you put into the mix several hundred bicyclists who hold up the traffic even worse! There is NO room that bridge for 2 way traffic and a bike! I am sure what happened is the traffic backed up and the young man did not realize it had stopped and as ANY driver would swerved to the right to avoid hitting the car in front of him.
I pray for the young man along with the victims family. ODOT needs to wake up and fix the problem!


I'm very sad about this horrible accident. It's beyond sad. But DON"T blame the driver. The 24 year old kid who hit him was from Battle Ground Washington. Chances are, he didn't know about Oregon allowing thousands of bicyclists to take over roads not identified as safe for bicyclists by ODOT or the federal department of transportation. WHY WOULD YOU THINK THERE WOULD BE BICYCLES RIDING ON THE HIGHWAY? It's ridiculous to think there won't be injuries and deaths when you have motor vehicles vs. bicyclists...who aren't charged with babysitting motor vehicles like drivers of motor vehicles must babysit bicyclists...on Hwy. 22, with wicked crazy blind curves. If I had a TCCA or Averill truck coming at me and I came around a blind corner with bicyclists in my lane, I'm's a no brainer.


Don't blame the 24 yr old driver ???? Really ! Sorry, he made the bad call, not
the cyclist.....and bamadrmz: what planet are you on.......there are cyclists all
over the country......sorry, that will sound pretty stupid in court. Tragic, yes, but
don't make excuses for the driver for the accident.


ODOT might consider lowering the speed limit from Willamina to where the merge begins, I'd suggest 45.mph. From the merge point forward, should be reduced to 35 on Hwy 18 through the rest of Grand Ronde proper. As for Hwy 22/Hebo Road from Valley Junction on, nothing can be done to make that stretch to the coast safe for bicyclists and/or pedestrians.

It's dumbfounding to understand why this event is even held. Why is it?


As wide as a lane? Yeah in some places. But there are many places where i wouldnt even walk along side the road. With this many bicycles the event should be held on a road that doesnt have as much traffic, or atleast but signs out saying to watch out for cyclest.


miketubbs1: the Reach the Beach bike ride is a lung cancer fundraiser.
There are cycling accidents every day all over the country....some due to idiot
cyclists and some from idiot drivers. Some times we have to go on busy highways for a short distance. The 500 mile Cycle Oregon bike ride does it's best to use busy highways as little as possible, but some times you have to in order to get from point A to point B and so do all the other group rides. I ride about 4,000 miles per year and have had some close calls myself. This was not a problem due to lack of signage....the driver reacted to an incident....sadly, not the right decision. This was not a blind curve error....cyclist was in plain sight. Cyclists should not have to worry about drivers texting, talking on cell phones, drunk driving and people like this driver....but we do, and that's don't stop doing what you love to do or you would have to lock yourself in your house. People need to pay attention.


I am appalled at many of the comments. In no way was this the cyclist at fault. The car driver went on the the shoulder and hit the cyclist. As one person mentioned, there needs to be more training, but it is car drivers that need it. Bicyclist have just as much right to use the public roads as car drivers. Always be aware that there can be a cyclist, jogger, walker or animal on a shoulder and sometimes in the road. Look for them, always Share the Road.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Steven Dayley. Remember he is a real person, not just a statistic. And look out for me (and everyone else) because I am out there on my bike.


"People need to pay attention."


I couldn't agree more with you on that. Having lived out here on Hwy22/Hebo Road for the last 8 years, and on many occasion having walked it, I have intimate knowledge of the danger this stretch of road presents. More than a few incidents have ended tragically.

Though, this year (during the Reach the Beach weekend) did seem relatively uneventful when compared to most, my wife and I only heard the siren of one ambulance. Most cyclists did seem to heed the single file signs posted prior to the event .We'd seen a few riding side by side, but not as many as in the past.

As for that particular stretch of Hwy 18, my wife and I have witness too many drivers attempting to jockey for what apparently to them seems to be some kinda 'Pole Position' for their own race to the coast.


Curious if the driver swerved into the "emergency lane/bike-lane" in order to go around the driver in front of him. Was he not paying attention to the road and driving conditions and nearly rear-end the guy in front of him, or was the guy in front making a turn and the driver was too impatient to wait, thus swerving around to save that extra five second wait time?

What was the reason to swerve?


Everybody agrees that this accident, and obviously any accident where someone is critically injured, is tragic.

Can you imagine how the driver of that car feels? How would you feel? This isn't something that was done intentionally. How can blame be placed on either the driver or the cyclist?

Blame does nothing. This is a very rude awakening to all of us as drivers, pedestrians, bikers and joggers alike. Be aware and be safe. Don't ever assume anything.

My heart goes out to everyone involved in this tragedy..


jst4us:: Yes, all agree it was tragic for ALL, but this is STILL DRIVER ERROR !
Still caused by the driver.....blame may do nothing, but it's still there and cannot be ignored in this case. If I did it, I would feel horrible too.....but the fact that I did it....does not go away....and no one is "assuming" anything.


There is no turn there it is where the 4 lanes merge into 2 onto a 2 lane bridge. There are concrete barriers on both sides and the median.. no turning. I also live on this stretch of road and when the bikes crossed the bridge all vehicle traffic stopped. I am assuming the traffic stopped and the driver did not realize it and swerved to miss the car in front of him.
It is sad too much death on this highway due to too much traffic on an outdated road!!


slvo700 - Should I assume that when I am walking my dog and we are crossing the street, that the oncoming vehicle sees me and is going to stop? Should the mother walking her infant in the stroller assume the vehicle sees her - should I assume that when I am crossing the parking lot with my basket full of groceries that the vehicles see me - - HECK NO. So.....I never assume anything - when I'm driving on Hill Rd. and the cyclist is taking up half my lane, should I assume he knows I'm coming up behind him and he is going to veer to me - - - HECK NO.

I have driven HWY 18, 30 miles per day, for the last 15 years. You name it, and I have seen it. It's barely safe for vehicles, and then you put cyclists on top of all the weekend traffic, and you're asking for trouble. As Peter said,' there's been too much death on this outdated highway, that has too much traffic. ' I'm in no way against cyclists, but they also need to be more considerate - it's a no win if they tangle with a vehicle.

Right, wrong, indifferent or otherwise, the young man driving that vehicle will be paying for this the rest of his life. When you say that 'no one is assuming anything,' you are already assuming that this is 'driver error.' Please, when you're cycling, be careful - - 'don't assume' the vehicle sees you.


You may not assume a car sees you at an intersection, but on that road, he was in plain sight ! This was driver error..........cyclist was minding his own business, on the shoulder of the road, and the driver wasn't paying attention and hit him. Atleast the driver is still living, unlike the defenseless cyclist....don't worry, Oregon law sucks when it comes to killing a cyclist.....he won't get any time ! Cyclist's lives don't mean anything to OR laws....assuming this is driver error...??? Uh, driver ran over cyclist on shoulder of 11 yr old grandaughter could figure this one out..........


One thing my wife and I took notice of while we were planting our tomatoes and bell peppers on Saturday, was that an unusually large number of cyclists this year had chosen to forgo the more dangerous stretch heading into and through Grand Ronde..

There seemed to be a large number of bicycles that were trucked, trailered..or..otherwise attached to the fronts and rear-ends of motor vehicles. That in itself may account for the lower number of ambulance calls from 3 or 4 during this event, down to just 1 this year. Just a thought.



Be careful what you wish for. Some states do ban both cyclists and pedestrians from access to highways and/or heavily traveled roads. California being just one of them. This area being rural, does have a number of residents that for whatever reason do not have another means of transporting themselves about, and/or through their community, when they need to.

I do feel that events such as this particular 'Reach the Beach' ride are a reckless means of raising both money and awareness for a cause.

I'd always thought the raising of cash, such as the sale of traditional fireworks, firecrackers, bottle rockets and/or even some of the more impressive stuff like my Uncle Bud used to 'let fly high in the sky'' for worthy causes, was a good idea. As long as you went about what you wanted to do in a safe and sane manner.

I'd like to be able to set off a spectacular display during the strike of midnight on New Years Eve out here in Grand Ronde, when it's virtually impossible to set anything on fire, on purpose, let alone by accident.

Wish we could, and I feel allowing such would be an excellent means to raise funding for any worthy cause. I am quite positive that I am not alone in my wish to do so.

Demand the state step in, and you may find yourself without particular stretch of road to either ride, or walk on.

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