By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Crash victim was under the influence

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Mark Langlois

Great reporting. We had a couple of people arguing about this story. You wrote exactly what happened. Nice work :) Sorry, you just had a few people arguing about the writing on this story.

Michael Tubbs Sr

"We had a couple of people arguing about this story."

Honest opinions provoke public debate.

Jeb Bladine

We know something about the anxiety caused by certain elements of news stories. We know that many people understand why those things are reported, and we don't take offense when others disagree passionately. We accept the role of -- but don't take satisfaction in -- reporting tragic stories that involve uncomfortable public details.

Jeb Bladine


I didn't think I was arguing, I thought I was simply bringing up a general point and I stand by it: If the police don't know a detail until after the investigation I don't think they should report speculation to the newspaper.

Jeb politely responded to my concerns, I did my due diligence and sent my thoughts to the sheriffs office. Maybe they will take it into consideration in the future and maybe they won't.


I think a very important thing to think about is that the deputies that are making these "speculations" are on scene and are seeing the entire situation. Not saying that I agree with them publicizing it but I can say they aren't there just making things up. Hopefully her poor husband doesn't have to read all this and can begin his healing process of having lost his son and wife a year apart.

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