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Crash demolishes bank sign

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I had to use Google Street View to figure out what's wrong with this article. In order for both vehicles to have been North-bound on Baker, and have Stanly hit Ponce while turning left onto Fourth (which is where the bank is), Stanley would have to have been coming off the curb on the East side of Baker. Unless he felt it necessary to swing *really* wide.


Oh, and the bank is on the Northwest corner of the intersection.

Lookin for trouble

hell, maybe that ponce guy is here illegally, if he wouldn't have been on the road, maybe this would have never happened!

I'm being sarcastic of course, because I just moved to the area and reading your newspaper has made me realize how racist and stereotypical people can be, every time a latino name pops up whether or not they were identified as legal or non legal residents or citizens, the assumptions start flying


Maybe you should move back to your village, it appears the replacement idiot they have now is doesn't have your work ethic.



Looking for trouble, if you just moved here you haven't been around long enough to see our community become induced in crime, and drugs, much of it at the hands of illegals. Not all, we have our own criminals, but it is one things to know your tax money is paying for your own, another to seeit being wasted on those whose intent on breaking our laws before they ever stepped in to our country. We have had gang beatings, alot, alot of sex crimes with Latinos and illegals, drug crimes, our schools are overrun with bangers who try to intimidate our children into gangs or who they can talk to, this even at the middle school level. Graffiti is heavy in our parks with obscenities and gang tagging in the play structures for our children.

While I will agree that assuming the status is not a great idea, nor is the status very relevant other than to point out that they are illegal, you begin to see a pattern. As long as you continue to remember that judging a race on a sample from McMinnville Oregon is dangerous, alls fair in blogging and America.

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