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Court order opens Los Molcajetes

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Yes, there is always two sides, yet I'm left wondering what is Mr. Thornton's true motive. Good for Judge Tichenor to allow Los Molcajetes to try and conduct business, even better, good for the customers. It is a great and favorite place to eat.


I was at Los Molcajetes on cinco de mayo and the resturant was in fact locked from the outside by a non-resturant employee. the place was packed and festive, but panic came over the faces of the employees as the relized the doors wouldn't
open while several customers were attempting to leave. I am fairly new to this great town and do not know the relationships or "connections" of the old families, but i can tell you that multiple long mcminnville residents told me within minutes
that "Jack" had locked the door. If true it would seem to me that this would violate every fire code, saftey regulation and act of common sense.

I would encourage antone else who was there that night to step forward and get the real story out. This man should be charged and prosecuted if found to be behind the lookdown on May 5th.


I agree with raider63, the man should be charged and prosecuted for false imprisonment, as well as putting the lives of people in jeopardy. Owner of the building or not, as a citizen you can't just detain people in such a manner for such a reason..

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