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Couple arrested on drug charges

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Mark Langlois

Good for you McMinnville Police Department. Get these bastards out of town. We don 't need these terrible people here. They don't have a life so they can just go live somewhere else... LIKE JAIL. Both of these people are very STUPID humans.


A well done to YCINT, Mac PD and Sherrif's Dept. But seriously what gave you your first hint? Could it have been, they look like meth dealers. Really.

skull crusher

Harsh don't you think? Has this town become so pathetic that drug busts make front page news?


It hasn't made the front page yet, skull crusher, at least not on the copy sitting on my desk.


Good work for all involved. I hope there is room for them UNDER the jail.

But what does a meth dealer look like? Skinny with bad skin? Takes proof not looks.

Hope justice is swift!!


It adds up to around 224 hits of Meth,which is around $9000.00 dollars street value. I think it should be on the front page.

Keep up the good work YCINT and keep these people off of the streets and away from our kids!!!!!


skull crusher,

It probably wouldn't be newsworthy if the impact Meth has on people wasn't so horrific in nature, but it does, so it is. If people that enjoy doing Meth didn't cause so much misery for those that want nothing to do with it, it wouldn't be news, but they do, so it is.

224 hits is a lot of missed opportunities, and that's probably a good thing. Don't you agree?


Government runs drugs everyday...Why isn't that being reported on? Oh yes...Must pull the wool over your eyes, and point out small drug dealers. Cause that's the important issue here.


What a beautiful day today has been so far, very peaceful, quite serene.

skull crusher

I guess you are right miketubbs1. I never thought about it that way. My bad.

John Smith Jr

if we stop thinking drug dealers are a big deal, they will take over. Things like this should be front page news - a big red flag for people who are doing the same thing - this town, takes drug dealing seriously, and we celebrate when you get caught!


Skull crusher, I respect you for your last comment: "I guess you are right miketubbs1. I never thought about it that way. My bad". Different points of view is why we read this forum.


ExMacPat- That is why WE THE PEOPLE, do not like you as a policy enforcement. Most of you are racist, Profiling, revenue generating scum.

Police never used to be this way, until government add more policies to the list they call LAW. And you as slave, enforce it. Your actual job, YOU SWORE on it. Is the protect and serve , not collect and pillage.

Do you realize the constitution was altered to be used against the people? You ever learn from what history taught us? The constitution is to be used against YOU, and your crime BOSS.


Is to protect and serve , not collect and pillage.*

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