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Couple arrested in child sex abuse case

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This sickens me. I went to college with this couple, and I always had a bad feeling about them. Idk what it was, but they are some sick MOFOS. If this 14 year old girl was abused in 2009 she would have been all of 11 years old. This couple has children around that age and younger. Whos to say they are not sexually abusing their own children? SICK! SICK! EFF THESE PEOPLE!


They definitely look the part. We need to utilize tall cliffs in cases like this. The cliff costs nothing to maintain and their corpses will help feed the wildlife. I can push them off of it for free if needed.


Exactly. I cannot stand anyone who does these types of things...I see this couple all the time too, the grocery store, movie theatre, and I swear next time I see them I wont keep my mouth or my hands to myself. I remember back in school they did a presentation on this weird alternative school that they taught at, to promote a "different learning environment" for mentally disabled kids. Like wtf?! Why is it always the people who work with and have lots of kids who do these types of things? Who knows how many other children they abused like that, that may not know how to explain what happened, or even know what the adults did to them was wrong.

John Smith Jr

Well, they haven't been found guilty yet...BUT if they are guilty I do hope their punishment is severe. Anyone who abuses a child or the elderly or disabled is really a piece of $#!+, and of course they would work with children and especially those who are disabled I mean they could have lots of victims to choose from, really sickening. What a brave girl for coming forward, maybe she stopped someone else from being molested.


@Hski - You stated, "I remember back in school they did a presentation on this weird alternative school that they taught at, to promote a "different learning environment" for mentally disabled kids."

The alternative school is not 'weird', in fact, my developmentally disabled son excelled at that school and graduated on time with a regular diploma. He did not have to attend public school until he was 20 and get a modified diploma as the school district where we reside had told us.

As terrible and heartbreaking as this case is, please don't drag in the fact that they endorsed a Charter School. The school they endorsed has NOTHING to do with this story, or their personal character.

Thank you.


Also, he never taught there and she was the secretary for one year. It's a small school and I doubt that they were ever alone with any of the children as they were always well supervised.

I am in no means defending what they have done, however, I do feel the need to defend the school.


I was simply stating my own opinion, which is a OK. I was not trying to down talk the school, I just thought the way they do things there was a little weird.


There wasn't much supervision at this school, and this man drove kids on field trips.


The couple seemed fine to me. They have daughters of their own... hard to believe.

troy prouty

Being charged does not mean you are guilty of the crime, that said being convicted of a crime (especially given yamhill counties history) on these type of things, doesn't mean you actually did it either - eh Tichenor?

Troy Prouty*

Let's just hope they get a good defense and the system works like it was defined to actually work and comes up with a guilty or innocense based on facts, not somebodys poor performance or lies.


@bunchabunk12 - Unless you yourself had children at this school or witnessed the supposed lack of supervision first hand, you have no case. As for the man driving kids on field trips, according to the story it is both he AND she who are accused of the said crimes, not just he. Read the article.


Yes... I did have kids at the school Carol. Who's trying to make a case? That's your own misinterpretation. Not surprising! I honestly believe they are innocent.


Troy Prouty! You made my day today! All the judges in that district are really good at protecting their "good ol' boys" and its pretty well known in the neighboring counties, I can assure you. Carol Jones was the best Judge around that area until she passed away.

It is funny to see the way that community STILL publicly passes judgment on people. like Mr. Prouty stated, "Being charged does not mean you are guilty of the crime". Maybe these people are just a little essentric, and weird, but that does not automatically mean that they are guilty, shoot being convicted ( in that county) does not mean that they are guilty.


Who the heck is 'Carol'? Oh well you can call me that, I know a few and they are good people.

Mark Langlois

Well, if they are found guilty.... Sucks to be both of them in prison. I do believe in the system. They will find them guilty or innocent. HSKI. Keep your hands to yourself. Please don't lower yourself to that kind of childish behavior.


The truth is the truth. Unfortunately the truth is not always a priority.


Anyone care to disclose what the name of the school is that she worked at?


Ballston Community Charter School- Amity, OR.


The sad thing is doing a background check on staff doesn't always help identify predators - unless they've already been caught and convicted - so "people like that" could be in any school. I don't know if you're talking about the same school when you say "different learning environment for mentally disabled kids" and, "the way they do things there was a little weird", but I can assure you that BCS is not a school for mentally disabled kids, nor is it weird. They find out how each student learns best, and teach them using that method - something public schools should be doing. I think fewer kids would fail if public schools didn't try to teach them all the same way. Not really relevant to the article, but I just felt it needed to be said. : )
@ gottatellya ~ Thanks for defending BCS. I'm sad that a school which does GREAT things for the students who go there, students who are failing and/or falling through educational cracks until they go there, will be forever connected with this case.

skull crusher

Hmmmm, interesting!

Chpln. Critter13

Ladies and Gentlemen, I know these folks personally, I was David's best man at their wedding years ago, I have never known them to abuse any children, I've known David since 1993 from Pendleton. I also know his folks too. I have a hard time believing David would do this to any child. As for Grace, I only met her a week before their wedding so I really can't say anything about her except that back in 2000 when I met her she was a sweet young lady. I am the President of the W.Or. / W. Wa. Chapters of Army of Angels and our mission statement is "Eliminating Crimes Against Children" and I will tell ya'll this, "IF" they are GUILTY of this dispictable act against this or anyother child, then I seriously hope beyond words that they get the fullest, longset, sentence available from the Court, HOWEVER,,,, I also hope that Yamhill Co. does a thorough precise investigation of this "Crime" to determine Guilt or Innocense and that if David and Grace are found NOT GUILTY, ghe general public will back off and let them live in peace. I will say I am shocked beyond words about this, and as for the comment that NateTheGreat made that "They look the part", just remember what Matt:7, starting at verse 1 states; "Judge not lest Ye be Judged." .


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