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County transfers roads to Dundee

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Pray on your own time.


The board can expect a call from the ACLU, shortly. It's happened before.


I just knew I'd scroll down and see some ignorant comments about having a prayer before the meetings start. Seriously, if you don't want to hear it, step out of the room a minute or just sit in silence. Just because there is a pastor up front saying a prayer doesn't mean you have to pray. Think about baseball or something, geesh!


We should all be so flexible, bigmac, but the reality is that some folks consider prayers at public meetings as moving down the slippery slope toward the constituionally prohibited "establishment of religion" by government. However, if the commissioners are willing to allow invocations from every corner of the religious spectrum, they might side-step the ACLU finger-wagging. I have a hunch, though, that Commissioner Springer is unlikely to countenance prayers from muslims or Satan worshipers in the board room.


I would think that the prayers/requests would be for guidance and understanding in their discussions. Any prayer for adherence to a particular god or religious stance would be understandably be out of order.


How about a rabbi? Would that be okay?


Why not? Was that a trick question?


Nothing to see here. Time to move on to the next non issue.

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Town of Greece v. Galloway (12-696)

ACLU can waste the tax payers money if the want, I guess.

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