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County to apply for trail grant

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Does Stan really believe that another park will be the catalyst to get people out to exercise?? There are around 17 parks in Yamhill county that aren't properly cared for and vandalized on a regular basis. This trail is a money pit and that is why they will not tell the public what it is going to cost. Does anybody buy property to build a house without having a pretty good idea of what it will cost to build? NO, but if you have unlimited tax dollars who cares what it will cost the public will have to pay.


His justification is ridiculous as well as specious.
Strong spiritual lives? Laughable and insulting.


The parks in Yamhill County are managed and maintained as best as we can with the budget and personnel available. They are NOT vandalized on a regular basis! I know this because I'm a member of the county Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Our parks are all small, so almost all do not afford opportunities for trails. The Yamhelas Westsider Trail offers the out county the opportunity to create a 17 mile multi-use recreation trail for walkers, runners, bikers, and equestrian users, which hopefully one day can connect McMinnville to the Portland metropolitan area and the Oregon coast. It will also allow children in Carlton to safely bike to schools in Yamhill and return home without using St. Hwy. 47. I am also a member of the Friends of the Yamhill Westsider Trail, so I also know that the trail is NOT a money pit. Acquisition is being funded primarily through a state grant already received, as are the planned bridge engineering (also received) and now a grant application to fund the Trail master plan. It is in the master plan that I would expect a good cost estimate for trail development to be provided. We also plan to apply for state grants to fund a majority of the trail development, along with some voluntary donations of time and materials and equipment. Development will occur only as those financial resources become available. And finally, no, tax dollars are NOT unlimited.


Culbert where do you think grant money comes from out of the sky? I love the way people always say it won't cost the taxpayers it's a grant. The government does not generate revenue it taxes individual's and businesses. So in the end schools and government entities need to quit saying it won't cost the taxpayers because it's a grant.


Great opportunity to be healthy, great job moving forward on this!


I was present at the MWACT meeting in Salem when this latest 1.8 million was granted, for "engineering and construction" of bridges over three small creeks N of Carlton. The county is not eligible to be reimbursed by this grant until it satifies ORS 215.296, part of the land-zone laws of Oregon. You may read the Connect Oregon ODOT grant here:


It says nothing about using the funds to purchase land.


Jim Culbert. Aren't equines going to be excluded from trail use as stated by the parks guy at the concept meeting? The commissioners town hall meeting said they were trying to buy 9 miles, not the 17 miles the bike club likes to promote. Maybe eventually they will get the 17 miles but eventually we might having flying cars also. Thanks for pointing out the limited budget and manpower for the parks department. Doesn't seem to make sense to add more burden to an already stretched resource now does it? No parent in their right mind are going to let their children bike from Yamhill to Carlton to attend school. Please elaborate on the trail costs since the commissioners and planners and grant writer have no idea. Maybe you can have a meeting with them and update them with costs. I have been asking for costs for 3 years now with no answer. Please post the costs to show me it's not a never ending government money sucking pit. Why is it that all the bike club supporters think grant money is free money? That is tax money from taxpayers, not a magical grant fairy. Jim, so where did the $300,000 dollars already spent on the concept plan, with no costs accounting, not counting man hours come from? Do you consider that "free" money or should we call it tax dollars? $300k could have done some nice improvements on the parks that we have already. If the cost isn't an issue why won't the county and planners and you after reading your response disclose the estimated cost to acquire and build the trail? Somebody knows and that is why the grants were written for specific amounts for individual items.




Equine will not be accommodated. The trail-heads will only be in the towns of Carlton and Gaston, and Dan Miller, the Federal Parks guy who does the presentations at the Yamhelas Friends meetings, said that Equine will not be allowed in the towns, and it will be at least ten years before trail-heads are built in the country-side for horse-loading. So if you ride horses, you will have to unload somewhere on your own, and ride to the trail via a rural road-crossing such as 240 or Gun-club, as they will not be allowed in the two towns that the trail connects with.

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