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County taking new budget tack this year

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Several years ago when I worked as a county employee, all county employees had been placed on a wage freeze, a manager from our department had infomed his employees that a new Director who had been in his new position maybe less then a year had promoted a county business manager, and this manager turned around and promoted some of his employees who worked directly under him. I thought what an interesting way to get around that wage freeze. Especially in these economic times there has to be very strict accountability. When services that many of our community members depend on are being cut in half or done away with completely, and managers are getting promotions, then the Budget committee members need to scrutinized the county budget very closely, especially those who are handling the funds.

Doc Holiday

I would tend to agree with MacMini on most of the comments here.Given the times that we in at the present day and the way it will be for a while, everyone needs to keep the belt tightened. It may be rude to hear for some; but having a job right now with any income is a treasure to be thankful for! Having one with a good or for some (a great) benefit package is even more of a blessing. After having worked for a company for the last 12 years with no benefits or even a day off with pay, let a lone 1 raise allows me to speak from experience. Yes I have a good background of even a supervisor for years as well other experience. but after I reached the 50 year mark, employers had a lot to choose from and had to wait for a prime job. I instead decided that having any income to pay my bills and house payments was worth something rather than reach for the raises and such. Everyone that has a job--great or not --be THANKFUL-many lost it all because others above them wanted more. Spend carefully.

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