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County's cats need our care

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ALL CATS SHOULD BE LICENSED PERIOD! The State and County requires all dogs be licensed,registered in the county and with required shots,and for good reason,but when it comes to cats nobody wants to be responsible,not the state,not the county and very few owners,It's time to start requiring licenses and shots for felines,fees from licenses could go toward spaying and neutering all cats.


Phone number for this Coalition group to make arrangements for spay/neuter?


The Cat Coalition of Yamhill County has a Facebook page, but lists no contact information there — or anywhere else that I can find, for that matter.
You might try the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, which can be reached at or 503-797-2606 in Portland. It provides spay, neuter and trapping services for feral cats only, but might be able to put you in touch with the local outfit. Steve

Georgann Percival

For Spay/Neuter program call 971-267-2567. Leave your name, phone number, and a brief description the number of cats you need fixed. Someone will call you back, provide information, and register you for the next clinic.

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