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County pushing through with plans for park

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Being close to the proposed sight I feel like it isnt in my best interest. However having something such as this would be good I feel like there has to be a better location.

This is directly down stream from the dump... do you really want to swim/smell there?
For every so many good apples there is a bad one... how will they enforce this 100 acres?

my biggest fear is having someone swim down to our property and injur themselves all the sudden a lawsuit could be looming.

Are people really asking for this or is this just an image booster for our county?
bottom line I'm not a fan!


�There is no documentation of any of the current parks being a �magnet� for criminal behavior.�.....they are clueless aren't they! I would say that is just plain idiotic. The reason they closed the original site down years ago was because of CRIME & DRUG-USE and that was before folks discovered CRACK. I'm sure that people will really enjoy breathing the stench from the "landfill" and swimming in the river with the caustic run-off. Only visitors that won't care are the ones dealing crack and fornicating. Oh, and don't drink the arsnic water from any new drinking fountains....just sayin'. The old Whiteson dump took anything you wanted to dispose of in those days before regulations and that is what's under that lovely field being leased. They are wasting taxpayers money using this property....use our money WISELY....that's all we ask!

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