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County picks new transportation provider

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Wow! What a big mistake it is to contract with First Transit. They have caused some big problems with Tri-Met's lift system.


Will there be a bus to McMinnville like there is now every 1/2 hour???

troy prouty

For profit agencies tend to increase fee's while supplying more money at the top.

Part of the thing about non profit, is that it has limitations 80%-20% goes to what. I'm worried that first student won't do that, but instead focus on cutting services while increasing prices in order to pay more money to those at the top.

It's too bad Thursday is in the day instead of evening, but I guess you get a break (at least from me), because I probably wouldn't be very nice about the decision, and believe you could of had a couple of meetings for the public before making the decision.

Troy Prouty*


I agree with both Macnative66 and Troy Prouty on the changes being made to the bus systems. I am so baffled how much changes they have made. There are people who really cannot afford the price increases due to them being elderly or on fixed incomes.
It is a non-profit agency for crying out loud. It makes me wonder if they will ever or begin to charge those who come in for services and or food boxes????. Non-profit agencies should not have to increase services or prices on their transportation systems, changes the routes and times, and or take saturday services away.
I am so appalled that I may never ride the bus again!!!!! I have more reliable people around who are there to take me places without even charging me a nickel or dime for their time and consideration in taking my husband and I the places we need to go.
For another example Goodwill is supposed to meet the needs of the disabled, but yet they never have been known to hire people with any type of disabilities for any period of time. They never keep the store clean, organized, and they keep changing and or raising the prices or the items that they sell.
These are just my opinions and I liked the way YCAP operated its services and bus transportation system 3-5 years ago. They had saturday Services, ran into the evening, and had 3 wonderful routes.


It appears once again Yamhill County elected officials and non-profit administrations lives' are so far removed from the already vulnerable folks this cut in service would further hurt, that they are once again turning a blind eye and adding fuel to the fire of the already overtaxed nonprofit institutions. Cuts in transportation services affects the availability of income to the working class in McMinnville and surrounding areas. If I you rely on the bus to get to work at 8:00am, you can't. There is no service. If you get off at 7pm at night, there is no service. If you work on the weekends, or need a second job on the weekends to supplement your dismal income, you can't. There is no service... This looks great to an employer...You get my drift. Also, what about the bus drivers that are going to be laid off? Another boon to Oregon's tax revenue The list of grievances could on and on... The meeting/ public hearing notices for both of the meetings in the two takeovers were not even posted on the buses. In Yamhill County, the most vulnerable ride the bus! They may not have access to internet and newspapers. For those bus riders needing to go to work in the morning, a 9:30/10:30 am meeting means a loss of income to attend. Why were the meeting notices not posted on the buses? Seriously, what is the incentive to be a minimum wage taxpaying contributer to this society? Oh, that's right, people making these decisions don't ride the bus, they currently have a job I'm betting pays far better then minimum wage! Whew!


So it looks like route 1 southbound will be route three south, Which means i will have to catch the bus in front of Bank Of America, and ride until it gets to Booth Bend & 99w, then walk a few blocks to my doctor on 99w!
We just got a shelter at Orchards Plaza, but now there won't be a bus stopping there, or at Dutch Brothers. Now i'm forced to walk both ways to get groceries. I'm glad my sis in law get's the bulk of my groceries every two weeks by car. I'm ready to move back to Multnomah County again. At least Tri-Met runs seven days a week. I have an Honored Citizen card, so i pay only $26 a month!
Cheaper that YCTA!


A 79 page document "Yamhill County Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan 2007" Briefly viewed, it appears to be a compassionate, thoughtful, legal? document addressing the needs of transportation in Yamhill County. Wow - only five years old and it's being scrapped.

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