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County has two contracts up

Talks opened in March. The two sides were hoping to have a deal worked out by the June 30 expiration date, but were not able to make that.  

Becky Steward of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the YCEA’s parent union, said one goal is the lifting of step freezes now that the recession has eased. But she said that by itself is not enough.

“YCEA Local 1422 is asking for a realistic financial package similar to other jurisdictions around the state,” Steward said. “While the county has offered to restore step adjustments, we haven’t reached an agreement. We are looking for a fair cost of living adjustment for all members.”

County Administrator Laura Tschabold declined to provide a management perspective.

YCEA is the largest of the county’s four employee unions. The Yamhill County Deputy District Attorneys Association also has a contract up this year.

Sheriff’s deputies are represented by the Teamsters Union and community corrections employees by the Federation of Oregon Patrol and Parole Officers. Their contracts are both carrying over into the new fiscal year.

YCEA voted to affiliate with AFSCME in December. It was once connected with the Oregon Public Employees Union, which represents state employees, but went independent again in 2004.


jeff k

why isn't some investigative work done by the newspaper reporter that compare
the nedotiated wage packages presently under contract ( with ALL fringe benefits
included) with like positions and job requirements from the private sector and
not just other public agencies. Using newspaper positions and job requirerments
may also prove beneficial and open peoples eyes doing the reporting.

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