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County GOP upset about Turkey Rama booth rules

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troy prouty

Personally I think Democrats and Republcians is like a bad relationship that won't last - (Broken). It amazes me that people continue to vote one or the other.

We have become a land of co-dependants. We know it's broken, it won't last. But we continue to do it because it's comfortable, or every once something works. But overall the relatonship sucks. In a Country that has over a 50% divorce rate, and many of thoser dragged out the same way before they ended you would think America would get it.


You can't represent a party and your district at the same time. Your party has their own agenda, and your district theirs.

If Americans could just step out of the box, maybe they would discover, that someone else might be better at representing their beliefs. But for whatever reason America just won't do it, even if it detroys them (Like the addict that dies using).

Is this going to be what America is later known for?

Troy Prouty*

Nicholas Scyoc

To: Troy

Please know this is not a dispute between political parties or ideologies for that matter. We will hear enough of that in the next coming months! If anything... as residents we should be asking why there is criteria's at all to have a booth. I remember 10 years ago there were booths for everything; you could buy a gym membership and the next booth after was information for the Delphi School.
Personally, I would figure that anybody wanting a booth, that has legitimate business... would not be concerned about being denied. Still surprised there's no military recruiters.
After all, besides this being a fun filled family event; it's also an opportunity for the city to make some money off the tourism and attractions.


There is criteria because the sponsor wants it that way....If they feel that changes in booth makeup will enhance the festival so be it!......It's unfortunate that your chairman either misunderstood or was mis informed about the criteria but I don't really see much damage as a result. Why not just move on and get it right next year.....It seems that there must be better issues to direct your outrage...!


Get rid of the MDA or move that part of turkey Rama out of its control. It's such a mess anymore, I can't believe people still attend!

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