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County goes live with new site

Yamhill County has a new website, and Information Systems Director Murray Paolo, who oversaw the project, said the changes extend well below the surface. He said the functionality was overhauled along with the look.

The chief architect of the new site, which went live Monday, is the county’s desktop support specialist, Adam Greene. He began working on the project last fall.

Initially, the plan was just to “freshen up” the site, Paolo said, but Greene ended up rebuilding it from the ground up. “He worked on it so quickly that we abandoned the idea of freshening the old one and focused on creating a new one,” Paolo said.

The new site is designed to allow managers of various county departments to make changes quickly and easily, ensuring the site stays up to date.

Greene said he did several things with the user in mind, including creating a uniform look and applying it to every page. For example, he said, a department’s contact information always appears in the upper right corner.

Greene said the former site was “a maze for the citizen,” forcing him to readjust from page to page.

“The new site has everything the old site had, but is reorganized to be more aesthetically pleasing,” he said. In addition, he said, he upgraded the search feature and incorporated free map and translation services, among others.

Paolo said web-based e-mail and remote desktop access have also been added, which will benefit county employees.

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Is it my eyes or am I seeing a skull amongst the rocks in the photo of the new county's website?


Trust me. There's no skull in that photo. Just water, rocks and natural woody debris.


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