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County commits its bypass share

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Three corrections to this article. First is that 3 of 4 jurisdictions have approved the plan for funding the local match and moving forward with creating an IGA. The only jurisdiction remaining is McMinnville. Dundee and Newberg gave the go ahead at their last city council meetings. Second is that the parkway meeting is at 7:30 AM on Wednesday and NOT 7 p.m. Third is that the funding will use 1/3rd of new $'s from the gas tax increase NOT 1/3rd of all gas tax revenues.


Dundee Ted,

What are the proposed improvements for Highway 99W through Dundee? How much ($) is Dundee committing to the project? Will the old buildings get a new look? Will businesses disappear because of the lack of reason to pass through Dundee?

Ossie Bladine


I was told Newberg council voted to direct its staff to work with their counterparts in other jurisdictions to begin to form an IGA, but, it specifically stated it was not making any type of financial decision to the local match, as the county did on Thursday. It was my understanding and Dundee did the same as Newberg, but may be wrong.

The misprinting of the meeting time is unfortunate (changed now online), it was taken from the first agenda that went out this week before a corrected one did. I hope members of the public interested in the issue make it -- but since the meeting is during normal work hours it may be tough anyway.

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