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County candidates tout conservative credentials

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troy prouty

I think if you are a representative, you need to make your decisions not on your beliefs, but on what the majority of the people want to do. That is the difference between a great representative and someone that shouldn't be in the office. In my opinion there is no middle. This means that when issues come up, go out and ask people what they think, pesonally I think it would be a great thing to set up a internet site to discuss things and have polls. You can also read the comments from this paper as well. Remember life is more than what you want or think.

Learn to be ahead of others by walking behind them.

Troy Prouty*


Despite the fact that I've been a registered Republican for about 35 years I still wonder why the party would want to get the non-partisans out in public to speak on, what are sometimes, very esoteric philosophical issues. Not only that, but some of the questions are asked about issues that really have nothing to do with service as a Yamhill County Commissioner
It might be different if the answers weren't made privy to the media. But despite what Romney's campaign manager said yesterday, you DON'T start fresh from a nomination battle to the general election. (And even if you did, only a boob would bring the subject up)
Ask Mary Starret (sp?) just how fresh you come to the table. The truth is that a political opponent will dredge up things you said 30 years ago - just ask Ron Paul.
If the Party really wants to have some pull with the next Commissioner then they should try something a little less like a philosophical "litmus test" done for their own benefit.

Roger Currier and I disagree on certain issues but I've known him as a friend for nearly 20 years. He's Republican enough for me without pandering to any special interest group or point of view.

Lon Wall

Don Dix

Exactly what role does one's support or non-support of abortion have to do with the duties of a county commissioner? And why is it a question which seems to haunt every election?

It never fails to amuse when 'men' attempt to discuss abortion, pro or con. They cannot give birth -- nor biologically supply needed nutrition -- absolutely no physical experience from which to draw upon. And yet, there men go, arguing, pointing fingers, and passing laws for a procedure that they will never physically encounter.

The question should remain with the particular individual (read woman), and there is no good reason to allow non-participants to make this decision.

In most cases, other do not know what is best for any personal decision. That fact has been proven time after time throughout history. The question of abortion should only be a female decision -- in other words -- if you can't conceive life, stay out of the conversion.

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