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County budgets to save butterflies

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why not harvest some of the lupine seed and for an additional property tax deduction allow the people that own rural properties not being farmed, the opportunity to encourage the growth of the lupine flower and the population of the butterfly,I'd much rather see a swarm of butterflies than a crowd of people ANY DAY!


The admission of butterflies or the lupine on your property will most certainly lead to property restrictions. Ask the property owners who suffered through the spotted owl craze whether they were harmed and you'll get the truth of government and wackos taking over property rights. I own and manage hundreds of acres in the Willamette Valley and I hope I never find a lupine on my properties.


It's hard being a specialist feeder, and it is amazing how much one hungry, hungry, caterpillar can eat! The cinnabar moth ate itself out of house and home while it was keeping the toxic tansy ragwort at bay. Tansy is back

all points considered

Do a little research. The people bringing the lawsuit survive on litigation. They find a cause and then solicit funding from environmental extremists.
There have been some roadway safety issues that resulted from the lack of maintenance due to the butterfly. Obviously the butterfly that has a life span of about 2 weeks is much more important than human life.

There are many other issues involved in this that people need to research for themselves.


Call me crazy but $51,000 a year could employ another medic, firefighter or police officer


Our family of four only made $27000 last year. We have student debt that is barking at our heels and two vehicles that are unsafe and literally falling apart. 51,000$ is two newer vehicles to get us to and from work safely and can get us out of student debt.

Amazing that government can find things like butterflies to spend such a significant amount of money on, yet families like ours are struggling daily to get things like brakes for our vehicles and gas.


I agree with Manup and TheDude. $51,000.00 a year could add to the economy in McMinnville by helping to support our local fixed route transit system so that when a person's car breaks down they could still get to work. Our fixed route transit system is a sham and a shame. It hurts low income people and their livelihoods. It is restrictive to our freedom. Long live the Fender Blue!

Dances with Redwoods

"Our fixed route transit system is a sham and a shame."

Baffled, I couldn't agree more. I'd like to see horse trails to everywhere. The way I see it, what we have now is extremely restrictive of our supposed freedom to (as they used to say in the old southwest) move, and/roam about the country.


Dances - Are you just being rude? You are so disagreeable when I don't think you even have a clue! I would be glad to move! Would you like to finance that for me in the terms of a job, rent deposit, and the like, for free? or should I just quit my near minimum wage job, live off food stamps, begging and handouts and hop the rail? Do you ride the bus? It is a sham and a shame!


Our County leaders have more concern for a butterfly and a flower over living and breathing souls just because some special interest group has threatened to sue? That is the sham and the shame. Attend the public hearing November 8, 9AM, courthouse, Rm 32 and listen to testimony regarding the fixed route system. You can even give testimony and comment as well.

Dances with Redwoods

Not at all, no mass transit system has ever made money, let alone operating expenses.

Personally, I'd always moved to where the work was. Just curious, is it South Dakota ..or.. North Dakota that currently has the lowest unemployment numbers in the U.S.? Just a thought, bewildered.


Your comments seem to get farther and farther from the topic of mismanagement of public budgets/ funds and tax payer dollars when a lot of blue collar workers are hurting. I want the Fender Blue to live and thrive and the beautiful lupine it depends thrive as well I want the businesses in our county to thrive and a revival of the middle class. In our county, you only have to walk into the commissioners office to see the government excess. The board who oversees the transit system doesn't ride the bus. They are so far removed from the communities they serve. They have no business making decisions for us. I think I'm going to quit reading the NR and posting comments. Action is better than reaction.

Dances with Redwoods

"I think I'm going to quit reading the NR....?

How would that action make anything better for you, let alone for anyone else?


I will be at the meeting Thursday. It's at 9AM? Kewl i have to get the first route 3 at 8AM at Staples to get there by 9AM. I need a wake up call!
5th & Ford 8:00, Winco 8:15, 5th & Ford 8:30
Whew, i can make it!


itsvern Thank you!!!! It is at 9AM

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