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County begins budget sessions

The budget calls for no major changes beyond merger of the juvenile and adult corrections departments into a combined community corrections department. The biggest increase comes in Health and Human Services, to help fund aspects of the Affordable Care Act and Yamhill County Care Organization.

Personnel costs of $43 million account for 43 percent of the budget, the largest single amount. Materials and services are next at $32 million, or 32 percent.

Tax collections are estimated at $18.3 million, providing 19 percent of projected revenue. Intergovernmental sources, which include grants from the state and federal government, account for $23.9 million or 24 percent. Fees and charges of $19.2 million, up from $15.9 million this fiscal year, account for 20 percent.

Yamhill County spends less per capita than most of its neighbors in Northwestern Oregon. It spends $508 per citizen, compared to $524 for Polk and $1,107 for Lincoln.

County Administrator Laura Tschabold called it a status quo budget. She said both the revenue and expenditure streams have been relatively stable for the county.

The committee is planning to host two days of presentations, then begin its deliberations at 10:30 Wednesday morning.



I know that various levels of government do some weird things with accounting, but you're going to have to help me with the math here. Google says that Yamhill County has a fraction over 100,000 citizens. If the County has a budget that is a small bit under $100 million, then how do you arrive at the $508 per citizen number? 100,000 citizens times $508 per person means the County's budget should be $50 million, right?

This is probably a question with an easy answer, but I can't figure the answer using the math my teacher gave me in 2nd grade all those years ago.

Don Iler

The per capita numbers reflect the actual amount expended by the county, which was $51.5 million, rather than the total budget, which includes things such as reserves.

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