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Council will likely approve bag ban next week

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Councilor Remy Drabkin after last month’s debate. “What we are doing is refusing to tolerate the use of a known pollutant that will ultimately be discharged into our local environment.”

It is only a matter of time that this council will want to ban the use of gasoline and the thousands of other pollutants considerably worse than these relatively insignificant plastic bags. This is a "feel good" ordinance to project an image that the council has fallen in love with.


So I'll only have to buy my own plastic bags for such household uses as bathroom trash can liners and for collecting catbox waste. For this useless, feel-good nonsense, I will hold the council members responsible on election day.


The biggest loss I can see for the city council in banning plastic bags is they won't have as many trees to hug because they will have to cut them down to make paper bags.

Don Dix

This council can't think of something that will make a real impact, so this is what they come up with? Idle minds, my friends, idle minds!

Bill B

What is extremely frustrating is that in spite of the fact that the majority of the population is against the ban, council is throwing its weight around and making misguided decisions.

I think Ms. Drabkin should stick to making wine!


I use the grocery bags for a variety of waste disposal uses. What I'll do now is "double bag" my vegetable purchases if necessary.
Any excess bags will go to grocery stores that provide a bin to recycle used plastic grocery sacks.

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