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Council moves SDC review up

Councilors had intended to wait until January to consider raising fees. However, the city has re-activated a transportation advisory committee, and councilors believe moving the hearing up by a few months will be beneficial. A plan to ask voters to approve a transportation bond in November means the city needs to be doing everything else in its power to help, they concluded.

Fees raised from systems development charges could only go toward improvements required because of increasing population, City Engineer Mike Bisset reminded the council.

The committee is compiling a list of projects to be funded with bond money. Some of those projects will likely be eligible for SDC money, Bisset said, but not all.

Councilors discussed the issue at their pre-meeting dinner, and again during the formal meeting.

Over dinner, councilors also heard and approved a request from new KLYC radio owner Dave Adams to begin live-streaming audio from council meetings on the radio station’s website, The audo would be on a continuous loop feed. Tuesday’s meeting was the first to be live-streamed, as a test run.

The council went on to review proposed changes to the city’s municipal code, related to requirements for the pre-treatment of sewage by commercial and industrial customers.

City Attorney Candace Haines said the charter last underwent a “wholesale revision” in 2002. “Since that time,” she said, “the city has gone through a Department of Environmental Quality audit, and the federal requirements for pre-treatment of wastewater have been streamlined.”

The city will accept public comment on the changes, posted on the city website under the Wastewater Services heading, through the month of June. If 10 or more people request a hearing, one will be held in July or August.

For more information, call the city treatment plant at 503-434-7313.

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