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Council eyes ban on pot shops

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I ask the council what is the difference between 20 flavors of beer on tap in McMinnville, inside the 1000' zone of schools, verses 20 strains of cannabis outside the thousand foot zone. Both can be had by minors. How many alcohol related MIPs did the McMinnville Police Department hand out last year? Why can the sale of something that can be consumed onsite then taken off site in a "growler" be permitted inside city limits and something that can not be consumed on site not be? Dispensary law says that no cannabis is to be consumed on site by patients. No chance for DUI. On the other hand, there are beer and wine tasting businesses all over the city and will leave a person over the legal limit after a glass or two. Both beer and wine can be addictive, abused and had by minors. Also, the liquor store is within 1000' feet of the high school, and, in fact, high school students mill about in front of it on their lunch hours eating the pizza they got next door. Likewise, these same high school students walk right next to the tobacco house on their way to Dairy Queen on their lunch hours. Where's the "protect our children" battle cry over that? Where are the meetings to ban the liquor store and tobacco house? Where's the push to ban wine tasting right on 3rd Street where students of all ages hang out? Anyone else see the hypocrisy here?Don't get me wrong, I have a growler bottle. I love the flavors of different beers. Just don't really see much difference.This is one place I feel where discrimination rears it's ugly head.There are just over 1000 registered medical marijuana patients in Yamhill county, no number on how may are SUCCESSFULLY produce cannabis for themselves, But if I had to guess, I would say 75%. Even if it's 50%, that leaves 500 patients in need. If Newberg allows, That number around the McMinnville area drops even more. It's really not that big of a population.


We are just looking for some equality. Nothing more.

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