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Corvallis stabbing incident results in arrest of McMinnville resident

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troy prouty

What I noticed recently. Is that Victims only probably about 50% of the time had not been doing anything thay contributed to the crime that is charged against others. I find it fascinating in a approach of why our justice system sucks so much..

SO, like so and so is charged and convicted - but so and so who should be in some sort of trouble is considered a victim and therefore doesn't need to change any of their problems that contribute to so and so doing what they did..

Give me a break.. This is why we are falling. Tell Detective Darin to "be smart" and learn that the Answers probably remain in the "Victim" and their role in the incident And if officer Darin can't see that - then HE is part of the problem with our system - good news - McDonalds is also hiring Darin!

Troy Prouty*


* note that this person is mentally handicapped.

Lookin for trouble

It seems like every freakin storyin this paper is somehow tied back to immigration or people find a way to bring it up, so why not me? I'll ask - is this guy a citizen? Could be here illegally from Canada or some other country? I mean he looks white but if we ask about the "brown" people with Hispanic sounding names, and not about everyone else. wouldn't that be considered racial profiling?


Looking for trouble, you made me laugh! But I know what you're saying, we make a lot of assumptions about people and I think that is totally wrong!

Love and Peace to everyone, no matter what their surnames of color is!


I went to school with Jacob, I know for a fact that he wouldn't do such a thing to anyone unless it was self-defense. Who in their right mind would go up to a group of people and just stab someone when it would be one against five other guys/girls. Something else must have happened. I hope the truth comes out of this case.


Interesting that the story states that he approached for directions, and an altercation broke out in which he stabbed the victim.

What in the hell kind of altercation can happen from something like directions, did he ask directions to the victims Mom's house or something?
Stabber- "Hey dude, I need directions."
Victim- "Sure dude, where you going?"
Stabber- "To your Mom's".

That, I could understand a scuffle, maybe not a stabbing, but today's youth are on such a touchy trigger.

So, any idea as to how directions turn in to a stabbing? Drugs? Bad blood between the two? Any idea why this young man through his life away, or is it going to be a self-defense thing since there were more of them than him?

Lookin for trouble- the name is too white to suggest he be illegal, he's one of our own, aren't we proud. ;) (Please note my sarcasm.)


I took note of your sarcasm, as for your query, I once took a wrong turn and ended up on the Imperial Highway, stopped for a red light, and upon noticing number of young chaps standing on the corner, had beckoned them over to my truck door for assistance with my direction of travel.

My heart goes out to Reginal Denny, I almost came to know his pain, but didn't, thanks to my Buck 'General'. You know, Manup, there is a reason why some guys (more than others) seem to have a problem with stopping to ask someone for directions.

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