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Consultant shares downtown parking data

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"A parking problem is a good thing." Wow, $35,000 doesn't pay for much these days.

Jeb Bladine

Seems like reviews of the parking consultant's work should await completion of the project, which involves collection of data over 8 months, this very preliminary presentation of data, the upcoming presentation of overall data and deep information extracts, and presentation of detailed recommendations to the city.


Ronchelli's recommendation to use the existing parking structure across from the courthouse seems swell, up to the moment you exit your car only to encounter creepy and menacing panhandlers--factor in fall and winter weather when earlier darkness adds another dimension of justifiable anxiety.


Here's an idea Lulu....stay home and shop online....that frees up a parking space for the rest of us....


Tagup--you think that's not where we're all headed down that eventual empty road?
Besides, Lulu rides her skateboard. Tony Hawk taught her.

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