By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Construction report mixed at museum

“It’s about halfway up,” said Executive Director Larry Wood. “They’re working on the support for the steeple.”

However, progress on a lodge-style hotel has been halted pending drier weather and a firmer financing commitment, according to Wood. Work on a campground and adventure park are stalled right now for the same reasons, he said.

A hole excavated for the lodge foundation has filled with rainwater. It needs to dry before construction can proceed, Wood said, then financing issues need to be resolved.

An archway has been completed at the campground/adventure park site. It is designed to form the central part of a Boy Scout memorial.

Further work on that element is pending completion of a commissioned sculpture, coupled with a break in the weather. But Wood noted, “It’s in the woods, in a swale,” which hampers work.

Wood said of the stalled projects, “We’re waiting for the ground to dry out, waiting for some financing that needed to get arranged, waiting for a couple of other things that need to be arranged. Then, as if by magic, we’ll start constructing.”

He said the private Michael King Smith Foundation, which owns the buildings on the museum campus, is responsible for arranging the financing on the projects.

The log church building is being targeted for completion in July. Summer completion is also being envisioned for the adventure park.

Designed and assembled by the Sisters Log Home Company of Central Oregon, the church is taking the shape of a cross. It is being constructed at the north end of a grove of oaks, between the aviation museum and water park.

The lodge is intended to replicate Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration lodges of the 1930s, notably Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. Plans call for a 100,000-square-foot building encompassing 96 rooms.

Plans still list a target completion date of the summer of 2014. A name has already been chosen — Redhawk Lodge, honoring an Oregon Air National Guard Squadron.

Most of the work on the projects is being done by Hoffman Construction of Oregon, the museum’s longstanding contractor of choice. Wood said Evergreen has been very pleased with the company’s work, and by now, it is quite familiar with the museum’s style and preferences.

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