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Complaints target county clerk

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Ms. Smith should be commended for speaking out, as a tax payer and a community member, especially in these harsh economic times. If I have to keep close tabs on my pennies, then I certainly expect this from an elected official. I am getting tired of hearing about this County's misuse and abuse of monies and their employees. I know how I'm voting.


What coincidental timing of the article with the ballots just mailed and the election near. And headlines too? Really? This smells, and the NR is right in the pile. If you want to report on abuse by elected officials try the Assessor. You've beat this lady up enough.


@watchdog, it does seem coincidental, that still doesn't change my mind that we need someone different in that role. As for the Assessor, I'm thinking someone different in his role is also needed, we can "write-in" our choice, for me it will be Jeanie Sandall.


What an interesting coincidence, that this woman turns in her resignation, talks to Mary Stern, and then decides to go take it to the newspaper, with election right around the corner??? Really, if things were so bad, why didn't Copy Cats complain of this?? As an employee, if you have a problem with a client, you go to your manager and discuss the matter, not the commissioner, who clearly intended for this to go public to cast a bad light. If you ask me, this is simply a very low, immature, and unprofessional tactic to try and trash a clerk that has devoted her life to her work and is proud of it.


Keep It Simple - Have you voted yet? You have to fold the ballot an extra time or it won't fit in the secrecy envelope. The story was correct. Also, when would you expect a story to arise about the printing of the ballots, if not after they have been printed (by definition something that happens right before an election).

I like Becky, but she really messed up. She should have known better given the microscope she was under after the performance issues surfaced last year.


@Keep It Simple, the clerk has devoted her to life to her work that others have done for her, so that she can step forward and be proud of it and yet not give those employees proper credit for their hard work. In this day and age we can't afford people like this clerk. America is a free country and amen to Ms. Smith for speaking out and exercising her rights. The community has a right to know. Becky is a pleasant person of that I'm sure, but this position does not seem to be the type of work that she has command of.

John Smith Jr

Isn't this the same person that had a dock in pay last year for her poor performance? I really don't think she has devoter her life to her work...

I understand not being able to say anything as an employee because your manager tells you to keep quiet about things so they don't loose a big account, I think she did the right thing in speaking up.

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