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Complaint against Maytubby dismissed

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This whole thing could have been avoided if people would be honest and open in communication and Everyone got together and spoke (in a peace circle sort of way).

The problem with a lot of America is that people aren't up front and they tend to avoid facing things themselves.

For example:

I see a lot of people walk into an office and complain then walk out.


the next person walks into the office and walks out.

I rarelt see them together. so it keeps" (Drama) alive.

In my apartment setting I see people go to the manager to tell people to keep it down, instead of people just going directly to the source.

Just a hint. If you ever what to truly get somewhere in life, you need to confront it face on and do it yourself, because waiting for someone else to do it for you will almost never work to your advantage.

Troy Prouty*


That's odd because you were offering an excuse of consumption and addiction to the guys that robbed 7-11 in that story but are telling people to take responsibility in this one....


I heard that BOLI never even interviewed any if the ladies witnesses. How's that for government fairness?? Do I see gender discrimination in the Bureau of Labor, too? And News Register again FAILS to list the important complaints when addressing the women...they only reported on the trivial matters. There was SO MUCH MORE the public never heard about.


posted "That's odd because you were offering an excuse of consumption "

What to really have your mind blown. Same thing. Cognitive.

Everything we do and say comes from cognitive thoughts. It is always a person's choice to how they choose to live on their cognitive beliefs and so is the consequence of those beliefs. I pointed out a hidden fact that society based on capitalism has in deed ran into the our ability to act on impulse to think in terms of "me first" or selfish behavior. Not facing things directly, but indirectly is also another form of that behavior thus this as well.

I have never said it to be an excuse for behavior (we can choose diffrerent cognitive skills, but first you need to know that you are having a cognitive distortions) It most certainly plays a role in how we think and that in turn leads to behavior. If you don't believe me? work it backwards.

Pick a time when you regret something that you did.

What did you do?
Prior to doing it what did you feel?
Prior to feeling it what were you thinking?

then ask yourself how is it I was thinking this way, and be truthful. What would have happened if you were thinking differently? Would the results be different?

troy prouty*


posted "TheDude"

I look at it this way. If I Agreed with you about things in life. Then we both would be wrong. wink..


((ouch that gota hurt'ith))))

"A reasonable adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable man persist in adapting the world to himself, therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man"


Huh? What language are you speaking? It ain't common sense..


Prouty...can you spell I N S U B O R D I N A T I O N? One cannot just go to their boss and complain how they're treated. That is what unions, and Bureau of Labor are in place for. Remember, these women were accused of lieing when they attempted to challenged their authority figures. Then punishment and snubbing came in retaliation. Not everything an be fixed by direct contact. People scared...they fight for their rights as humans...these jobs define their lives, and who they've become and what they know. I went into that office a couple weeks ago, and witnessed their grief, how they're treated. On any given day, there's not enough help.... I wouldn't take it, I'd walk out. But I don't need to work, but I'm assuming they do. Try to find a new job close to retirement age? Really?


I sympathize with the ladies plight, it can't be easy working for or with Scott Maytubby. He has been an arrogant sort to work with from a tax payer and farmers perspective. To imagine he is treating women with the same disagreeable and egotistical manners, is certainly believable.

It may be time for others to come forward and provide the public with their own first hand accounts of this Assessor's demeanor and underhanded tactics. It would certainly be a shame to continue to re-elect a person that is neither doing justice to his own employee's nor the public he has been hired to serve.

I am no rocket scientist; I do not have a specialized degree in psychology or anything of the kind. But I sense something is greatly amiss in this government department. I have no doubt the Assessor has fault in this complaint. I smell a rat and I know I am not the only one.

Michael Tubbs Sr

"It would certainly be a shame to continue to re-elect a person that is neither doing justice to his own employee's nor the public he has been hired to serve."

I agree.


posted "Not everything an be fixed by direct contact. People scared"

that's a cognitive distortion right there. You don't know how it's going to turn out. your assuming the worst. It's fine to say it's a scary situation and uncomfortable, but truthfully it might just work out the other way. I say this from experience, but if you never try you will never find out and really that is sort of the irony isn't it.

One way I have always addressed work is that I don't work for anyone, I work with them, and frankly I don't care if your President, the richest man in america. I have and always will be direct. This doesn't mean rude, but direct. How the other interpts that, is theirs to own.

It may not fix the problem. But being direct is Always the best approach to any situation. This is why peace circles tend to succeed at a higher rate for example than our justice system. Because it is direct contact with people involved including victims etc..etc..

Troy Prouty*


"if you want oppression to stop, you have to be direct and not let someone else to do it for you"

you are correct that a lot of people feel oppressed why at work. (it's almost become the style we have developed in the Corporate world) I personally just tell myself "No" I won't let it happen to me, thus I take the direct approach.

I suppose that is why when I see a law that needs changed - I try to change it by writing a new one that type of stuff. I just realized waiting for someone else to fix the problem, might never come so do it yourself.

troy prouty*

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