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Compassion, service pave way to campaign trail

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" Americans? You want rights without the duty part" It is interesting you bring this up in the article. In a recent World poll. All Countries except the U.S. saw job and work being a part and contributing to community. But the U.S. saw it for serving self purpose only. This could be one factor why although we have so much wealth, we lack behind in so many categories compared to developed democracies in the world.

It is obvious those with self intent or those that can't see the effects of their behavior more than likely will cause more damage (because they don't care) therefore this is probably a Huge cause of the collapse of our political system, and why the huge inequality of wealth we are now seeing.

I once said that Pelnstine and Israel will always be at war (Because when you look at both sides, it is only about them and what they believe).. Life is never only about you.

Troy Prouty*


Good Lord, was this a paid advertisement or a newspaper article? Whoever wrote this thinks we have found Mother Teresa living right here in Yamhill county. Only one big difference. Mother Teresa knew that the government and its programs are not the answer to caring for the poor and needy.

windy ridge

Easy Mack, Nathalie is employed by the paper to report, not favor candidates. I suspect her article about the other candidate will be just as revealing about his positions as well. I think she does her homework extremely well and reports factual information, as she did with this candidate. The N-R did good hiring her, and I hope she continues to be there for a long, long time.


Why Mother Theresa?

Why not pick someone more up to date. Some form of government style working better? You for example could pick Australia for justice. South Korea for lower education, Taiwan for healthcare, Finland FNP to Dept, Germany Labor Laws, Germany cash reserves, Netherlands higher education.. etc..etc... You can apply what is working best and twist it to your needs to make it work for ya... for example you can use Belgium with equal party representation x 7. Then you wouldn't have just two choices... The past is important, but the future is what it's all about!



Troy, I really am not sure what you are saying. Your post is confusing to me and makes no sense at all.

Windy Ridge, I remember years ago we had a great commissioner named Bunn (don't remember his first name). On the day before the election the NewsRegister ran a front page headline and story written by a reporter whose name I forget, that in my opinion smeared Bunn and delivered the election to none other than Mary Stern.
To my knowledge, Stern is the only liberal democrat that has been elected to any office in Yamhill county in a long, long time.
It may be paranoia on my part, but ever since then I have looked at the NR with a jaundiced eye when it gets close to election time. It always feels like they are trying to hand the election to another liberal.


By The way I'm a little confused by the photo. I know that is Stern in the middle but which of the other two is Bacon? I'm guessing she's the one on the right??


Yes, Mack - you are correct. From left to right: Barbara Boyer, Mary Stern and Denise Bacon. I should have been more clear in the caption. Also, I sincerely welcome you to call me personally with any concerns you have about this, or any, of my articles.


You picked Mother Theresa for an example. If I was for example going to deal with a problem, I would probably pick something more current that is working better than our's. The thing to remember about the U.S. is we outspend every country on almost everything we do, and we actually see less from it than most. so if I wanted to deal with wealth inequality for example I would probably pick Netherlands. Equal party representation I would probably pick Belgium etc..etc...

I learned a long time ago we built our nation on things created from other countries but mostly U.K, Italy, and France) and applied them to us. so.. once that became all and good, other countries took idea's from us and built it into their systems.. NOW in my opinion it is our turn once again to take from them and develop it into our system to only make it better.

I believe government to play a vital role to our survival, the question is will they? A lot of programs were designed because of problems that occurred at certain stages in our country. Some we need to expand on, some we need to get rid of and some are just fine the way they are.



Your memory is playing tricks on you. You can refresh it by visiting our free online archives. You will find the story in question at:
The story ran on Oct. 19, not the day before the election. It ran because Commissioner Tom Bunn, of the same family that produced fellow political figures Stan and Jim Bunn, engaged in what many considered an unfair and deceptive attempt to smear Mary Stern. Even staunch Republican Larry Bohnsack, who had run for the Legislature as a Republican himself, sounded a strong protest.
If you read our story, I think you will find it eminently fair and even-handed. Bunn chose not to respond, but did respond in a followup story you will also find in the archives.
What backfired on Bunn, and very badly so, was the action he took. It caused a huge backlash. As a result, he lost by a landslide. It wasn't even close.
We had to do a story. It was the talk of the town. And we would have done that same story if Mary had tried the same against Tom, believe me. No question.
To blame our story is to utterly re-invent history. I was intimately involved in these developments and remember them well. Tom cooked his own goose, just as Stan and Jim did. All three stumbled at some point in office, costing them vital public standing.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

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