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Company asks dismissal of Confederate flag case

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Michael Tubbs Sr

"If we are going to say that someone cannot identify as a redneck, what else can we not identify ourselves as?"

Outstanding question, and the rainbow flag of the sodomites does come to mind. One might wonder if those whom wish to identify themselves as being 'Gay' whether it be by flag, bumper-sticker and/or whatever other means of pronouncement, are to be held to the very same standard?

Michael Tubbs Sr

As I am typing this comment I am also listening to Anderson Cooper interview a guy that claims to have s sexual addiction to/with his car. Would self identifying in such a manner be cause for dismissal if the person making such a proclamation also drives a bus for the school district?

Michael Tubbs Sr

It's a tough call, really, but the more one thinks about it, the more one realizes that the school district (in it's opinion) should draw the line somewhere. I'd inform the guy with the car fetish that if were to apply for a job driving a school bus that he will need to keep his sex life private and to himself.

As well as to not read, possess, share or otherwise introduce/distribute to our children any magazines such as 'Motor Trend' and/or 'Hot Rod' type magazines on school district property...and this requirement should also apply to any and all guys and/or lesbians employed as school district bus mechanics.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Edited to add: ....after all we wouldn't want to see our school district advocating for anyone to bite off more than they can chew.

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