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Commissioners up for 3 percent raise

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3 percent raise, no, not after these last couple of years. These Commissioners are not transparent. The newest problem is the Yamhill County Transit system which will go thru a radical change July 2nd. I just found out a couple of days ago and by word of mouth. The last I heard was that there would be new owners, now there are major route changes and the fares are going up, these changes have come about rapid fast. I work long and hard for my living, I was able to catch the last bus to get home, had I not been told about these major changes, well I would be standing after 5, which is one of the changes, waiting for a bus that was never going to come. It takes 45 minutes to walk home, and I won�t pay 10.00 dollars for a cab when I already have paid 35.00 for a monthly pass on the transit system. There are Winco employees that use this system, if they don�t know about the schedule changes, they can be terminated no questions asked after so many times of being late. I sound like a chauvinist and I apologize for that, but these ladies need to start rolling up their sleeves and do a �man�s job� instead of these little flaky female jabs they have been throwing. When these ladies do not recognize the working class here in Yamhill, then they do not deserve to be rewarded for wearing blinders to our needs.


This is a opportunity for the commissioners to show some leadership. They shouldn't expect their departments to hold down costs if they themselves are not willing to....The fact that the study shows their compensation is "falling behind" is not a compelling arugument for most people in the county. Additionally,there has been one commissioner that has been less than forthright in a number of her actions. If pay is based on preformance then the raise proposal should be denied.


Thank you for the above comments! I completely agree. I am a classified union, state, and county, employee. I love my job, but for the last four years, I have endured salary freeze, furlough, cost of health insurance going up, and I make not much above minimum wage. Due to budget cuts I am only able to get 30 hours a week. I am a transit rider. I would like to have a second job. The Yamhill County Commissioners can afford to take a hit with the rest of us. The end of the budget fiscal year for the county is June 30, (which happens to be a Sunday). Time is quickly running out for them to fix the transit mess they created for Yamhill County Citizens. They were not transparent holding the Public Hearings so late in the fiscal year and not giving "Proper Notice Prior" of the Public Hearings. Keep the letters coming! Stay informed. I for one am not letting this issue slip thru the crooked cracks.


Get in line commissioners. City, County & State workers will be last to recover from the economic downturn. I am a teacher, and I probably won't ever regain what I've lost, or get an increase for that matter, by the time I retire in 8 years. You've got to be joking!


How much do they make now and how demanding is their job?


I believe the salary is in the $71K range. The position requires a lot of time to be done correctly and the stress of public scrutiny would always be present. I would not say that the current salary is too much for an executive position,but the quality of work should be evaluated as well. With the county cutting positions and budgets, raises for the executives would seem hypocritical in the eyes of most county employees and voters.


You are correct Hacksaw, currently the commissioners earn an annual salary of $71,131. The proposed three percent increase makes it $73,264.


I want some of the commissioners' "unfortunate" $71,000.00 a year.


"I want some of the commissioners' "unfortunate" $71,000.00 a year.

Then run for one of the positions and get elected.

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