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Commissioners draw fire over jail deaths

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There is really only one recommendation the commissioners need to make to this incompetent Sheriff. Do the right thing....resign asap.


Glad someone is trying to get the county to comment. Exaggerated? Wow. Just. Wow.


These jailhouse deaths do not sit well with county residents. Commissioners should be getting out in front of this by asking for the sheriff's resignation and a full review of the policies and procedures regarding inmates....and they should clean house and bring in new people to staff the jail...people with common sense and some degree of human compassion and decency.


Kudo's to the NewsRegister for keeping the pressure on and attempting to hold our government officals accountable.
The people in that jail are human beings. They have moms and dads and brothers and sisters that love them. They may very well deserve to be there at this time but they are still human beings. They don't deserve to be ignored and allowed to die like animals.
I'll bet our elected officials are just banking on waiting this out. They probably think if they just sit tight and say nothing eventually the newsregister will give up and go away and they can get back to business as usual.


Very well said, Joel2828.


I agree, very well said Joel2828!

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