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Commissioners deny sheriff grant request

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Mac Native 66

Call it stupid or what ever, why couldn't some retired law enforcement officers VOLUNTEER their time to help the school districts? It shouldn't hurt their PERS any. Lee, Norm, what do you say?


That's awfully big of you to suggest others volunteer. How many things do you volunteer for?


There are still costs associated with volunteering, liability, Workman's Comp (volunteers qualify for it if hurt on the job), equipment (uniforms, radio, vehicle,training, etc.)

Mac Native 66

Denise, I not have any law enforcement training. Lee and Norm where Sheriffs at one time.


Denise wasn't asking you to volunteer for School Resource Officer. She was asking you how many THINGS you volunteer for?

I can name off a number of volunteer positions that I have done or currently do. They always seem to turn into more work than a paying job.

And then there is having to go to the School meetings, School District Meetings, student disciplinary hearings, breaking up the fights, going to court and lets not forget, god forbid, the occasion when they have to face down the student with some type of weapon, be it a baseball bat, a knife or a gun....all for free - volunteer.

sandyq4 hit the nail on the head.

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