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Collins, Crabtree debate courthouse safety

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troy prouty

I don't see Boston being an issue. It didn't happen in a court area. I do suppose if you wanted to pick one you could pick around Grays Harbor area not being secured leading to a persons death outside a court room area?

That would be a better representation..

It doesn't need a review. It just needs to be equal and done for having bags searched to go upstairs (3rd floor)... not that hard.. but it does require a person to do it.



Yamhill County (especially McMinnville) does hold a large number of public gatherings such as festivals of every color and stripe. Will there be more hot-heads such as the guy that recently took (what appeared to be) a run at making good on his angry statement after having received a speeding citation during a recent traffic stop. Probably.

What recently occurred in Kaufman County, Texas, outside of the courthouse environment does comes more to mind, than does drawing any conclusions from what occurred at this years Boston Marathon.

From my perspective, and I am certainly no expert, I see the danger more outside of the courthouse in the parking lots, and the sidewalks that surround the building.

Just my opinion, not that my opinion matters.


These incidents occurred prior to any security in the courthouse.
For what it is worth, there have already been at least two shootings at the Courthouse. One of these was in the early 70's. If I recall correctly it started outside a Court Room during a Divorce. Idiot shot his wife. He fled and was shot at the bottom of the stairs by a Deputy who, was in the Sheriff’s Office and ran up the hall in response to hearing shots. It was a long time ago and I'm not sure I'm remembering all the events, but the basic facts are there.
The second one was in the very late 70's or very early 80's. A prisoner was being arraigned on a some misdemeanor and Felony charges. As I recall, the prisoner had a couple of fellows come to the arraignment. They jumped the single escorting Deputy. During the assault on the Deputy, who was pretty badly injured, the prisoner got the deputy's revolver. All 3 men fled. An off duty Portland Police Officer who just happened to be in court (different room) that day, gave pursuit on foot when he found out what had happened. He had very little information to go on as far as who the bad guys were.
He chased two men down along 5th street. He was walking them back to the courthouse not knowing there was a 3rd person armed with the deputy's revolver, hiding behind a pickup, waiting to ambush the PPB officer. The ambush was successful and the officer was hit high center chest. He was able to fire off 6 rounds as he crumpled to the ground, but didn't hit the suspect. A Mac Officer responded from the Sherriff's Office after hearing the shots.
The security system at the YCCH came only after these incidents. Judge Collins was there for the last incident. If he sees a problem, they might want to see what can be done. Static security is compromised security. It might be something as simple as moving a few things around.
Maybe Nathalie could go archive diving for a follow up piece.

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