Climate change, a moral issue, demands immediate response

Dr. James E. Hansen at Willamette University in Salem was among the first to identify carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels as the dominate factor driving clima

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Don Dix

James Hansen is the Al Gore of NASA. He fudges numbers and manipulates averages to support his faulty theories. As sure as he seems to be about the issue of climate change, he refuses to enter into any debate that questions his 'facts'. And coincidently, just as the energy companies are fingered for huge profits, Hansen has and will continue to gain considerable wealth by self-promotion.

Humans are not causing the Earth to heat or cool.

If the atmosphere is represented by 10,000 marbles, where CO2 marbles are black, and the rest are white, there would be less than 4 black marbles. Man's contribution is a paltry 3.3% (of CO2 total), so man's portion of the black marbles would be a mere sliver. And people like Hansen and Gore would have you believe that little sliver is the evil-doer of the entire atmosphere.

CO2 in the atmosphere occurs naturally,and without it, all life on Earth would perish (life on Earth is carbon-based) . Water vapor, volcanoes, forest fires, and other animals all contribute many times the CO2 as that of humans. So how could man's diminutive portion be the culprit? -- Ask yourself, which of these other contributors can be controlled -- none -- so blame man. Common sense says otherwise.

Study the Medieval Warm Period and the following Little Ice Age (Maunder's Minimum). The Earth's temperature fluctuated 5 or 6 degrees from 800 A.D. to 1800 A.D. Neither event had anything to do with man's presence. But there is one significant player -- the Sun.

When the Sun is active (MWP), global temps rise -- when the Sun is in minimum, temps recede. And as late as 1850, the Earth was still in the grips of the LIA. So,160 years after a cold spell on Earth, the geniuses proclaim 'warming'. Duh! Maybe rocket scientists are not the measure of intelligence we have all been lead to believe!

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