By Ossie Bladine • Editor • 

Clerk fails to win rest of pay back

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Becky shouldn't blame anyone, especially her staff, she needs to hold herself accountable, she is the lead in her department. I'm sorry she didn't earn her wages back, but she was given a fair opportunity to step up and get her slate clean, she just didn't do it. Please do not blame your staff Becky, take responsibility for your actions.


I agree MacMinn. The clerk has an excellent staff. I wish they committee could take the wages they are not paying Becky and pass it to all the staff.


I have a feeling that the next election is going to be a tough one for Mrs. Stern.


The clerk is an elected position. If there were people who felt she was not doing the job she was elected to do, they should have filed a recall. I don't think this compensation committee should have the authority to do what was done. Reducing someone's pay is equal to demoting them or creating a situation in which they want the person to quit (by creating a hostile work environment.) They are not personnel managers and they are not representing voters. I'm glad she has stuck in there.

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