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City gears up for Alpine Avenue launch

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Mac Native 66

The city has other streets that need to be fixed and yet Remy Drabkin thinks that Alpine Ave needs to look like Turd Street. The City Council is just as bad as the McMinnville school board. They are both filled with stupid money wasting people!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1) The $12 million bond issue funding this work identified every target project in detail, and it passed handily at the polls. I think the city can legitimately argue that the people have spoken.
2) The Granary District, Northeast Gateway District and Downtown Urban Renewal District have by far the greatest commercial economic development potential in McMinnville. And only in this section of the city are urban renewal funds available to help fund work.
3) Half of Alpine isn't even paved. To my knowledge, it's the only unpaved collector or arterial in the city, and one of very few residential streets of any kind. Where could the need possibly be greater?
4)Both the city council and school board are guided by the priorities of their constituents, as expressed in hearings, surveys, elections and forums like this one. They can't possible satisfy everyone, but I give them credit for doing their best and managing to satisfy a solid majority in the process.
5) Turd Street? I think I can safely say that residents of McMinnville are almost uniformly proud of their vibrant, inviting, historic and widely heralded downtown corridor. Cities across the country would die for a main drag even approaching McMinnville's.
Steve Bagwell

Mac Native 66

SE Washington St. intersects with SE Clay St., SE Clay St. should of been paved 50 yrs ago. a lot of the streets on the east side of town need to be paved. Hill Rd inside the city limits needs sidewalks and curbing. Take a drive around town off of the primary streets and you'll see what should of been done 30, 40 & 50 yrs ago. I've lived here my entire life and know the bad streets here in town. Also the non natives of Mac have tried to kill off Turkey Rama.


Steve I don't think you can say uniformly everyone in McMinnville is proud of our downtown corridor. That's like Kate Brown saying everyone in Oregon wants to be a sanctuary state. I loved downtown McMinnville in the 70's,80's and 90's but not so much now. I think lots of people liked the small town atmosphere but that's long gone. I miss Taylor-Dale,The Deluxe and so on.As far as the school district goes I and a lot of other people are not happy that teachers and programs will be gone for kids when the District is building a Palace at Cook School for administrators with tax payer money. It should be spent on the students.

Don Dix

Steve -- there once was a 'main drag' in Mac. Trees, 'pedestrian bumps', and rules of travel have altered that description. Now we who remember what it really was just call it third.

Mac Native 66 -- Turkey Rama may have too much of a 'backwoods' ring for the wine sniffers to embrace. As well, the distaste possibly arises simply because the 'Turkey Rama' brand has been around longer than they. Tradition has no bearing without a genuine connection.

Bill B

Well said Steve. Comparing Clay Street to Alpine? I don't think so.


Hope they are throwing money at the run down houses on the new cork sniffer route. Doubt the crack house look will entice a lot of the wine crowd.


I wonder if the public thought McGuire reservoir and Haskins creek dam were a waste of money at the time......

Don Dix

tagup wrote -- "I wonder if the public thought McGuire reservoir and Haskins creek dam were a waste of money at the time......"

No and no. As well, the public was in favor of Walker Flats Reservoir, but the tree-huggers of the time thought Nelson's Checkermellow was a threatened species, so the project was abandoned after a long, expensive court battle. Since, the plant has been found growing wild all over the Willamette Valley.

In my opinion, the waste of those public funds was directly due to faulty, blind assessment of those who objected to progress and planning, seemingly for no other reason than to object It's a shame that 'court costs' could not be recovered (from the objectors) using the 'new evidence'.


My point was more towards the fact that growth is inevitable and investments now in street design and infrastructure will be appreciated in the future......

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