By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

City facing cuts on all sides

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When is enough, enough? When will someone get the bright idea to question the salaries of government employees first? When we have gotten to the point where a person at DHS is getting a 6 figure salary yet we can't afford Christmas lighting- there is a fing problem! When will somebody get the bright idea to restructure from the top down instead of bottom up? More money is saved in doing so and it is a great way to weed out those who's only agenda is money.
If they don't want their jobs after the restructure then I promise, there is someone who does.

Who keeps saying the economy is getting better? Gas is still ridiculously high, many, many are still unemployed, and these types of budget issues continue to happen.

The only answers are raise this, raise that- yet my husband has NEVER had a cost of living raise in over three years of employment.
RESTRUCTURE FROM THE TOP DOWN- our government officials do not HAVE to live in mini mans's and drive luxury cars- let them take a bite of the medicine they have been giving us for years.
TOP DOWN! DEMAND IT, quit rolling with the punches and refuse their excuses. Until they expierience what the average taxpayer is experiencing, this will never change.

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