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City duo questions value of bypass

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Newberg-Dundee Bypass Phase One
TIGER III Grant Application

1) The total project cost is currently estimated at $262,613,968. (page 12)

2) Modeling data indicates the new Bypass will reduce travel time by five minutes per trip during off-peak periods. (page 21)

This is a very very expensive patchwork solution. It will be the most expensive ODOT project in history with very little return. Four lanes through Dundee and four lanes to the Hwy 18 junction would make the section so much more efficient and safe at 1/5th the price.

troy prouty

There are better and cheaper alternatives to a by pass. More lanes. You could even in some areas make an express lane open from east to west friday night through saturday night and from west to east sunday morning through monday morning. That would be the cheaper version, because the lane is already there - you just need to move things over a little bit.

It's hard to talk about spending, when things are tuff and more tax, tolls etc.. Might help government, but it will hurt the majority who are already struggling.

Troy Prouty*

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