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City delays nine-year-old sign law another year

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And it continues. More attempts at government control. I don't know how the city can continue to let a small group of people make major choices for a large group of people.


Far too much time and money is being spent on replacing signs that the city allowed in the first place. I agree with Mr. it for new signs. If they are so concerned about signage in McMinnville, perhaps they should focus their efforts on the ones being held by the homeless on every corner. I would much rather see their time spent finding a solution for them instead.


I think it's important for these businesses to stand up to the government. If you let them ban your signs, the next thing they will do is come inside the store and start looking for things to ban... like plastic shopping bags.


With all the massive problems plaguing this city lately, particularly the uncontrolled vagrants, you might assume our city council might actually do something more substantial than ban plastic bags and "non-compliant" signs. Like the infamous and unpopular Nero, they fiddle while McMinnville burns. What a joke.


I just came back down 99 W and I am not one bit offended by any of the signage. Does the city council realize it's putting a burden on businesses that pay taxes and supports the city. All those signs are for is to direct people into a business to spend money to keep the shop owner in busines to make a profit and pay his taxes. Mr Rollins was right on the money. Make new signs fit the criteria and leave the old ones in place.


Odd that people would be defending ugly, pointless, worthless signs that only serve to make the city ugly. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Hey, you can DVR commercials and watch them endlessly if you want. Maybe you could hire your car out and put a huge decal wrap of a local business? Move to Vegas? All sorts of options.

I’m glad the city decided to clean up the city. Ignore the ridiculous comments, and keep up the good work!


Denise those signs are not ugly,pointless, or worthless if you own one of those businesses.


Uh, they are indeed. If there’s no rules, it becomes a race to see who can build the most, biggest, and gaudiest signs. They lose their visual impact, except as a means of making the city ugly.

You can get the same thing accomplished with less, if there’s statues regulating them all.

Go look around Oregon, in cities that have the ordinances. I mean you may have bad taste, but most of us don’t.

Go on. Get to looking.


Sorry Denise I was in business in this town for a long time and there has been rules on signs forever. They changed the rules and people are pissed and I don't blame them. Just like the bag ban it costs money to change things and the consumer pays in the end. People are getting real tired of changing things for a very few with elite ideas with no say or vote to voice their opinion. If you don't like signs move to a town with out them. Good luck finding one.


Elite? That’s rich. I prefer to live in a town that doesn’t have one check cashing sign after another, or 500 marijuana signs in a one block radius.

Perhaps you’re different. Perhaps you like ugly, gawdy signs pitching garbage nobody needs. Signs that block the natural beauty of the northwest. Because McDonalds needs to sell more Big Macs to drivers. I mean, really?

Whatever. Maybe you can be the human sign for the mattress store. They’re hiring. Go for it big fella.


Denise Sheridan Wyoming comes to mind.



Sounds like a place for ignorant hicks, such as yourself.



Probably a great place to live Denise and I bet the people are friendlier too.

Mac Native 66

Y'all need to take this sign ordnance and stick it where the sun don't shine. Y'all worry about the dumbest thing in this town. Our streets need more attention then the signs. If this don't not get dropped, then add in the Christmas decorations as well. I feel like I now live in a pig pen because the city streets aren't clean.


So a McDonald's sign "blocks the beauty of the North West". a little exaggeration ---maybe there should be a size limit on that example. And just how many signs for check cashing, marijuana stores and any thing else people earn a living from would be appropriate.

And these statements added a lot to the discussion
.........Sounds like a place for ignorant hicks, such as yourself.

.......Maybe you can be the human sign for the mattress store. They’re hiring. Go for it big fella.
simply arrogant. not constructive


The sane thing to do would be to repeal the stupid ordinance. But, I don't expect today's crop of micro-managers to do it. Hey, want to take care of something? Go for the junk trailers parked on Old Sheridan. They have been there for months.


Just curious, has anyone commenting read the proposed ordinance? I know I have not.
No disrespect intended. I just think that's a good place to start any discussion. I see merit in both sides of the debate. But I'm concerned that some participants in the debate may not fully understand what it is about. Maybe the News Register could put up a link to the text?


The sign ordinance was made with the thoughtful input, comment and agreement of the entire community - business and citizens. At that time the community agreed 9 years was more than adequate to give businesses time to amortize the cost to comply with the ordinance. How fascinating the car dealerships and others are now complaining about the cost. Perhaps their issues should be with their architects who ignored the ordinance after designing their recent remodels. So much for accountability on the business side. If we can't have accountability from everyone within the boundaries of our community how do we expect to solve multi-layered problems such as the homeless? Not blaming the government on this issue.


If the input from citizens and the business community were all in agreement 9 years ago by the count in this article there is 140 businesses that must not agree with something.


Funny how accountability works after 9 free years...


FEC12 and SW I was a part of the process 9 years ago and I can assure it was not something we all "agreed" to. It was made clear we had no choice from the outset. Many affected were not present nor, in my opinion, had any idea of how it was going to affect them. It was pushed down the throat of those present by the same people who are trying to turn this into Napa Valley Part 2. If they like that I recommend they move there.


Denise I doubt Jim is defending the signs YOU deem ugly, pointless and worthless. I suspect he, like me, is defending freedom from arrogant folks who think their definition of value trumps the property owners definition of value.

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