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City considers dumping Riverbend

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E.J. Farrar

Wouldn't it be ironic if McMinnville's garbage was trucked out of town while Portland's garbage was still be trucked here?


Waste to Energy Power Plant!!!!


Let me get this straight, I'm going to pay 10% more to transport my trash elsewhere, while Portland fills our dump with their trash. WOW, this is an amazing Idea!!! That's why our City Council is paid the big bucks


It struck me exactly the same way. What we seem to have is a council so intent on sticking it to Riverbend that it's willing to stick it to the local citizenry in the process -- or at least entertain the idea.
I have no interest in paying extra every month so I can bask in moral satisfaction while Riverbend continues to accept out-of-town trash. And I suspect I'm by no means alone in that.
That's never going to fly.

Nicole Montesano

Charlie, waste from the Metro area is currently being diverted from Riverbend to other landfills. Riverbend officials have not said how long they intend to continue that practice, only that it is necessary, to keep from filling the landfill before they are able to build the expansion, which remains tied up in court. Last May, the Metro council voted to discontinue use of Riverbend Landfill, beginning in 2020.

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