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Citizens seek action on homeless issues

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Enforcing loitering, vandalism and litter laws is a start. I don't know if panhandling is actually illegal in Mac, but it should be....


Stop feeding them...enforce current policies and laws.


I don't agree with not feeding them. There are many that are truly in need of assistance. Enforcing vagrancy and loitering statues in the downtown area might discourage the large groups that gather there.


What's wrong with a one-way bus ticket to a destination where they have family? In the end, this solution actually does something substantive compared to the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.
Otherwise, face it: they're here forever.

tagup do you know if they want to rejoin their family? Or if they even have family?.....doesn't sound like a viable option in the real world..


At least my idea produces concrete results.
Frankly, I don't really care about their families or whether they're unwanted, although I certainly understand why that might be their situation. In this case, the shortest distance between two points is a non-refundable bus ticket.


Nice article. Sounds like it was a nice meeting. But what is the Mayor and the Council going to DO???? Talkin' is nice but it aint gonna get anything done. Something has to be done. It's time for one of them to step up and show some leadership.


So Lulu....are you planning a roadblock at the edge of town so they don't come back? Your bus ticket idea works both ways....
The homeless issue isn't going to go away and if we push them out of one area, there needs to be a place for them to go.... I do believe we need to protect the downtown area with law enforcement but that pushes the problem into the there an area in Dancer park that could be utilized?


A huge percentage of them are on probation/parole. If they are given one way bus tickets out of the county, they will come back on the prisoner shuttle for violating their probation terms. Courtesy of the taxpayers.


Well, that's settled then: Let them stay forever. Nuestra ciudad es su ciudad. Third Street now turns into their latrine and garbage dump and main headquarters and combat arena. Screw the uncaring capitalistic business people. Scare the hell out of tourists, who won't be returning. This entire mess is equivalent to riding the tiger: the problem inevitably remains getting off.


Denise, If they are on parole or probation, they are probably in violation of the terms of their parole or probation anyway....see 137.540.



Depends on the terms of their probation/parole.


Relax. We all want positive solutions and we are all definitely fed up with the issue that the city has allowed to fester for far too long.


While the issue is going to be the city's to solve, I think the church(s) in the third street area have some responsibility for the continued growth of the problem. Seems to me that the city must set aside an area for these folks outside of the core area, that has access to facilities and that will be patrolled by law enforcement. Once done, then law enforcement must keep the homeless from setting up in the business districts.

No easy task.....


The Mayor, the City Council and the Churches that have let this situation come to where it is are all incompetent. They should lose their jobs. I will not go downtown anymore for anything. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Grow a set and get this under control....


Pretty easy to place blame, not as easy to find solutions. So the city and churches are all incompetent ....ok...what are your recommendations?....

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