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Church plans walk against gun violence

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Why not just a march against violence in general?


is it me? or is it ironic that a group would march against gun violence, but carry a cross which one would assume to be a much more violent way to die.


No one is killing people with crosses these days, nor is anyone proposing to. People are killing people with guns, however.
The cross is widely recognized as a symbol of the Christian faith. I think it would be quite a stretch to view it as a symbol of violence.
I'm not trying to speak for the church or marchers, just offering my own analysis as an impartial outside observer.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


I appreciate your opinion Mr Bagwell. I must also concede that it would be a stretch because the cross is a symbol of the christian faith, a rememberance of a death for societies sins. I feel the need to call the kettle black though, violence is violence even if it is not currently practiced. I firmly believe guns are a tool, as are knives, sticks, rocks, cars, baseball bats, semi-trucks etc. As I watch current events it seems to me that people want to make laws but not recognize personal responsibility.

Michael Tubbs Sr

I see where our government will now be handing out not only high-capacity semi-auto small arms & ammo to civilians, but heavy weaponry as well.

Background checks non-applicable of course, as long as you're not an American.


Good point Mr Tubbs.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Just something to ponder.

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