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Children’s book grows out of lifelong reading

“Creature Count: A Prehistoric Rhyme” features pteranodons, hadrosaurs, stegosaurs, triceratops and other animals that lived 4,000 to 145 million years ago

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I absolutely loved this sweet, fun book. So many of the books my boys pick out at the library are insipid so it was fun to read this one and marvel at how much knowledge the author packed into short sentences. It's even a fun one to read out loud, a fact some children's authors don't seem to consider. For my money, this is a book that should be on some kind of top ten kidlit list. I can't wait to buy our copy, and might get two counting on wear and tear since the boys consider books bedtime "snuggies."

John Smith Jr

i know a little boy who loves dinasours and who will love this book, i'm sure, i'm planniong on getting it for him for his birthday, he loves to have his mom read to him every night

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