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Charges filed against parents of children who survived fire

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About time... The only worrisome piece is that the booking reports are no longer on the jail roster and there is no information on pending hearings on the Oregon Judicial website. So, did they let them go and dismiss the charges, or what?


Yes. They were granted conditional no-bail release at their Tuesday arraignment. One of the conditions is that they have no unsupervised contact with the three children.

Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor

A neighbor

As a daily neighbor of the parents and the 3 young children, I was just waiting for something to happen because those kids needed and deserved a much better life. All their mother did was yell at them. Their clothes were always dirty and shoes were wide open, providing no protection for their feet. And the apartment smelled of rotten food and urine extremely bad.
All I can say now is Thank God those kids get a chance at a better life and hopefully justice will be served to those people we are supposed to call the "mom and dad."


So as a neighbor you were "waiting for something to happen"? If you noticed all these things why didn't you report it? Thank god they didn't die in that fire with you knowing how badly they were treated. Thats whats wrong with this world. Have you ever heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child??? People if you suspect something is wrong call it in there is nothing wrong with being wrong in a situation like this.

skull crusher

Hey angie, don't blame the neighbor, blame the neglectful parents! Chances are these parents had DHS called on them numerous times and the kids weren't removed. In fact, I am sure this is true. There is only so much you can do. DHS can't get to all the cases they need to because there are so many worthless parents. Please consider this before blasting someone in the future. Thank you!


Doesnt sound the like the neighbor called. Had more people called more may have been done or maybe quicker. Like I said even if you suspect something and now I will add even if you think other people have reported it still report it.. DHS however is probably too busy bugging people that don't need to be while kids like this slip through the cracks.


maybe the fire was a blessing in disguse, they didn't get hurt and now someone will have to pay more attention to his family and hopefully keep them safe

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