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Charges dropped in toddler assault case

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The arrest will remain on your record, and because of that, there will always be people that will hold it against you. Guilty..or..not, it will be used against you in the future.


It is about time Yamhill County did something that makes sense...maybe now they can help him clear his record so that he does not have that haunting him later in life when he needs it the least....


You have got to be kidding me! My grandson has been separated from his loving family for 7 months. There were never any criminal charges filed. Is the system insane!!!! I am not saying that the court made a bad decision with their case. I am saying that justice is screwed up in our case. No way is it a fair justice system that takes two cases that are about unexplained injuries. One case has a doctor with 27 years experience diagnosis an infant with rickets and is 100 % sure of it and in another case they do not have to explain the injuries just not be able to prove it was abuse because in criminal court you are innocent until proven guilty. The evidence has to be beyond a reasonable doubt. In juvenile court you are guilty until proven innocent and the judge can use his own warped sense of evaluating the preponderance of evidence. I dare anyone to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that anyone but maybe a medical doctor performing a routine hip check on my grandson caused his injuries,because he had weakened rachitic bones. I urge everyone that cares about our court system to challenge the judge in our case to explain how it is right and fair in our country to have such a miscarriage of justice! I know that there was no abuse to my grandson. Only a few self righteous individuals blackening the reputation of the system. The harm that has been done to my grandson is unimaginable. They can not take back the harm done but they can make it right.


Front Page story on the hard copy article. Practically hidden in the on line story . Only 3 comments ( only 2 if you do not count my 2). Does anyone have a similar experience with the court system?


Holy wall of text Injustice, that's hard to read! so I'll skip it.

I'd like to point out his image is ruined locally, as I first stated. NR posted a picture of this man, large picture, catchy title.

Lets say his file remained at courthouse, NR never printed it.. Isn't it safe to say a majority of people would have never known who this guy was until the story news register printed. His image wouldn't be torn in pieces over something falsely reported, he was found not guilty yet his image remains the same!

I do at the least thank you for putting it front page where the previous article was, instead of hiding it inside the paper somewhere.

How about the police put together what is called evidence. and when you find someone has committed a crime AKA Violate someones rights, Stole/damaged private property ect... Then you arrest...

Reporter Starla Pointer

Regarding the placement of stories on the web page -- as the person who calls himself "Injustice" surely knows, since he is on here a lot, stories are shuffled several times a day. This story has been the top story on the news page several times since it was first posted Saturday morning, and it undoubtedly will rotate there again. It can also be found on the list of "most commented upon" stories on the home page. So as far as stories being "hidden" -- absolutely not the case.


Starla is right, I did not find this hidden anywhere.

Funny thing is, If the child is taken by CPS.

The state has custody and they pump him full of vaccines containing Neurotoxins, Animal DNA, and a huge array of nasty chemicals.

Low and behold, These vaccines are known to cause, autism, neurological disorders, damage DNA causing future genetic disorders for his/her children. Genetic disorders are just that, Damaged DNA from previous family members who have been passed on. We are being SOFT KILLED. and it seems more people need to wake up!

cancer has exploded, along with autism, AIDS, if you look at statistics with the increase of vaccinations , the problems rise with it.

Our body is a super healing machine, it can ward off any virus known to man when fed the right nutrients. It's better to fight a virus rather then try to prevent it with a list of chemicals most people can't even say/spell, or even heard of any of them for that matter.

While Pepsi Co uses aborted fetal tissue for "natrual flavor" in Gatorade, Fritos, Pepsi/Mtdew.

CocaCola soon to have Cancer label due to the extraction process of using formaldehyde.

Sometimes the people who claim to be helping, are doing nothing but destroying people.


California Autism Percentage over the years.

troy prouty

The justice system has a lot of problems. There are different guidelines, different opinions and it appears different standards. For example you are three times more likely to be convicted with a public defender for a measure 11 offense, then if you hire a private lawyer. The list goes on and on ... with it's failures...

some of it - is just making sure you have the right person to defend. It certainly isn't fair to be charged then not convicted and still be punished by the community rather that be loss of job etc.. At least when convicted and later proven innocent you often get some form of reimbursment. Sadly this whole process is why our system will continue to get worse.

troy prouty*


It's been my observation over the years that Yamhill county makes money by keeping the jails full (renting beds). In order to keep all beds occupied they must sometimes put people in jail that are not a threat to society. In order to avoid a fight they gravitate toward victimizing people that can't aford to defend themselves. Once they get someone in "the system" they can run them around like cattle, having probation officers bust em' over "probation violations," then the court appointed atty. steps in and plea bargains (it's such a hassle representing clients going to trial) so they almost always plea bargain.
Moral of this story: NO MONEY = GO TO JAIL.

Everybody wins! Jail beds are full of non-threatining pot smokers, idiots and people who can't afford to defend themselves and are now stuck in "the system". Cops, probation officers, DA's office and court appointed attys. all keep their jobs, It's hassle free justice!

Meanwhile in Gotham City...
Cops are busy shaking down the good citizens for their spare change in the form of tickets and the real criminals get to play.


Silencedogood - Being able to defend yourself requires a brain. Everyone should know your rights! It should be taught in every grade of school.

But I do agree with most you have said. Your on the right track!

Traffic courts are not legit , They have no jury. It's only there for revenue generation as well.

This type of tyranny has been in every dictatorial system in history. If you don't know history. your doomed to repeat it.


I agree Traffic courts are not legit, they have no jury. It's only there for revenue generation as well. The fact you are unable to go in and state your view of why you are there in court or even try to dispute the charge you are not able to be heard. You have to pay the fee or higher an attorney to dispute offense, either way someone is profiting from your being charged even if you are not guilty! It is a joke and I am not laughing. No I have not been there, but know many who have been.


Starts at birth, with forcing birth certificates and social security.


The whole system is a joke, we are all just meat for the machine.I refuse to allow my children to have birth certificates, or immunizations. Eat healthy, drink clean water, feed your mind with intelligence and not mass media. Social security numbers are bank notes. Not for my children. I am home schooling mine, because public education is a joke. If we could all open our minds eye... the possibilities are endless.


I knew like minded people were out there...Where you been hiding?


under radar..haha


No more home delivery pizza for you, huh?


The chair is rocking but there isn't anyone in it!


I'm not sure what either of you mean. If you mean that by eating healthy, and not letting my children be force fed the toxicity within the public school system,that I am crazy. This is typical behavior shown by folks with a very low, low, low conscious level, which is cool, because that is MOST of the population, so do not feel bad.

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